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Cbs news dot com. Go and look for this picture. It's sad but it's if i have to explain. You won't understand kind of reminds me that i couldn't. Yeah because you're kind of like. Oh yeah they need to bring in heavy equipment but again. It's just seeing the visual of this huge cargo soap and this bulldozer. You know thomas league. I just but it. You know what it reminds me of here. We go. We were on vacation in kabul. Same lucas and we decided okay. We're gonna rent some jetskis. Go out and have some fun and there's a big cruise ship. I dunno. I guess there was no room at the pierre for the cruise ship. So it was just kind of you know biden. It's time out in. I mean we weren't very far out from shore but you know a jet ski can get out there. But it wasn't that far out from the peer there was a crew sip there. And he's riding around on his jet ski and all of a sudden i look over. And he's at the bow of the cruise ship and he's kind of going tink tink think with his jetski on the bow of the cruise ship. And that's what this picture reminds me. No he didn't do any damage. I'll come on now. Celebrity and princess come on now play could move it. Yeah he was just trying to move it similar to what we're seeing here in the suez to somebody tells you something you get a picture in your head. Yeah i had a picture in my head and then you show me what it really looks like. I could never have imagined. Now you mean. It looks like a toy piece of equipment. It does when you remember. This ship is what three thousand feet long two hundred feet wide. It has twenty thousand containers on it. Stand it on end. We'd be taller than the empire state building. Yeah twice the height of the washington monument. You can see it from space you probably can see us from space true that maps capturing some very odd images but yeah so the question is the impact that it's also going to have while arguably that it's already having the fact that this ship is well stopping passage of other ships when it comes to the global supply chain particularly impacting commodities. Like a glass and wood. We're seeing oil prices already. Starting to show the impact toilet paper stock. No you're jinxing..

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