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This is not a photo shop were you not made up do we should do we have to guess what it is can you tell nari i'm no it is from the most terrifying postapocalyptic movie everton are you ready i'm reading prepare yourselves okay that are dawes sean connery oh yes artas excellent what a mayor in which he spends the entire t of the movie running around in thighhigh boots a fog of and what do you call it a banana had a cod peace round of i don't ida fabric banana headlined of something or another within like fetish gear suspenders crossed over his wife named the leaders in a long black ponytail and dick sean connery so unbelievably cool that this did not destroy his death that not able to go from this james bond right right right though he was a concert has come out before the for his vows on no james bond pushed its zander this is his life after james bond is like oh yeah roger boy i'm gonna do this wasn't he's still doing james now roger moore was then much more start and 74 so this is like and i think what kind of did actually kill is clear about a dad held until brian depalma cast have been the untouchable until and yet until he was until the untouchables the law hendro time bad it's the all put that in the show notes they don't know what i'm talking about it's amazing as you could see as you'll see on the shown as i think that's israel here or lack thereof.

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