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Okay. You're at this ruin through, of course student. You're Marilyn November democracy, but your hand says strategy was completely failing. You're trying to buy Nokia for us of m- point something billion. Yup. And it was a hail Mary. Try stay relevant in the handheld world, and it failed and give hold eventually for off that seven point six billion is exactly what this feels like for liquid computing. I I would say this even if you weren't on the show here, Microsoft is leading the entire industry liquid computing. I think within a very short time we're gonna see your solutions takeover Amazon solution like you're just you're leading the world there, and they've got IBM ask themselves. How can they stay relevant because they you know, it's like the laptop sequinned that's not real. More consulting ever indus- consult. And it's like, what do you have that's relevant to cloud computing liquidator contained arise like development, all these really big directions that the market is moving it. And the answer is not much. You know, I think something a lot of people think of with Lennox is they think of the, you know, meant or some user light Suber focused than the truth is a lot of Lennox runs. Back end. It's extremely happier. For server architecture, and it won it once or over one big time and everything else lost. And you know, to the extent that red hat can make itself. Relevant in there. I think there's I think there's money to be made. I think there's relevance to be had. But. Mc MC Nova stake. Here. This is a company that's in a really bad position. And is trying to do a hail Mary. And because I always root for companies to do. Well, I hope it works out better than the Nokia play debt. Yeah. I would agree with that. I would agree with that. And I think my biggest concern, and it's funny because I feel like I now understand. A lot of the I mean, even even when the when the announcement happen..

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