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Us qualify for another ten fifteen twenty thousand dollars of mortgage we can at least look at that which you're you're talking about selfemployed individuals to know selfemployed individuals is overly aggressive with their dibabsa absolutely not you know i've worked with a lotta clients where it's like all right you want to buy this home for we need to refights here's the income we need to make so i get the tax returns were within that range they can tweak it a little bit van wall law were able to qualify for the land the mortgage violent amended return it's a little bit not only harder to do that lenders aren't really all that happy about getting amended returns and you know what i was even in return comes after i'm doing my loans landing here now seriously if you have all these deductions that are going to take your income down don't take him as deductions he shows your income you'll pay a higher tax rate and then you'll have enough tiffany in june or july and i hope that comes from you not for me i'm just teasing i'm just teasing what about if you don't own a business well the other thing too with the corporations you've got your self employed which is a scheduled c corporation you've corporate or corporate returns were able to kill your your salary income but we have to our jet so if you're going to bump up your salary it in job bobbitt up now so that we have two or three months perform as we're we're seeing that in because you can't bump up salary after you've just applied for a mortgage so we the we've aleman second because many companies are s forbes or partnerships or whatever forget secours estimate because the pass through which they're going to get a lower tax rate looks like coming out of the senate that pass through is considered their income so i understand the sea corp the bumping up the income.

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