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But it wasn't an easy person to deal with the thing. I liked best. Was this part of a lengthy obit Trie in Dr Klein went he uploaded a new photo of himself. To the social media platform Facebook on the twenty third of December book heart aka Murli Pesher had for longtime being smiling. Again, not a sly or cynical smile. No, a peaceful, comfortable one that was generally interpreted as a sign that Merlin's again was now finally starting to enjoy life after spending many years fighting for his life's work two days later, he was dead. It's stories like this that Thomas Bernhardt might have had in mind when he emphasized how much the newspaper can help the author come up with material you might think that this is self evident for modern authors. It isn't better handcuff example, didn't like newspapers paps he still doesn't like them today. When hunky was young. He dreaded the newspaper so much that he was only able to enjoy a stay in New York when there was a strike meaning that no world newspapers were published. Instead, there was just a thin Taito called city news Hencke saw the newspaper as a mere distraction a deflection from what was important disgusted him the famous author. He didn't say who still wanted to know what was in the coach section when he was dying in the throes of death. His friends had to report back to him about how this or that new publication had been reviewed, but you can detect an influence on hand. Kaz writing to modern literature isn't conceivable without the newspaper. And you don't even have to think of James Joyce's. Ulysses a work that does everything to the newspaper to know that no you can start with Hanukkah himself. Because of course, he read the newspaper too. And of course, he also read it like Bernhardt did in public houses. And of course, it had an influence on him to even if this was only that hanker tried to right exactly how newspapers weren't written reading newspapers in the public house is the name of his revenge on newspaper reading or rather his commitment to an unhappy. Passion suffering from an obsession that wasn't even desire. It was a nameless. But very specific pub in Salzburg where hand care unhappily read the newspaper and pondered his unhappiness. This was probably about thirty years ago. You might think that his fascinating essay on the quiet place in which the place in question is the privy is secretly also a small essay on the newspaper, but it isn't the newspaper doesn't appear in this essay. Even though the toilet is the place that springs to mind when you think of your own history of newspaper reading it upsets me when I go to a different toilet. And I can't find any newspapers. Even if there are books there, you read books in the bath on the toilet you read newspapers, or magazines special cases, these supplement that many people put beside the toilet based on the assumption that newspaper supplement becomes outdated less quickly than in newspaper itself. I used to live with t- back then t- taught at a small university in the evenings. He listened to echoed aside. And in the mornings, he read the Noa circa Zaiton for which he had a subscription he had as much contempt for his cities to newspapers as he did for the local football club, which he scoffed at in favor of the Bundesliga. You wouldn't find the end it said in the Lou, but the supplement to the ends at SETI ends at folio. They're always several copies of that lying on the floor beside the toilet. But in all the time, I spent living with T, I never finished a single article in the ends folio. Most of the time I didn't even flick through it. Instead, I stared at a colorful photograph of Kim Il-Sung on the wall. Supplements belong on the Lou where they are never or only very rarely read a fate that I presume they share with the magazine Matej, which is one of the major unread products of the press that said the age of unread newspapers and magazines is only just beginning the newspaper may be dying..

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