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Radio danger. Mason it a little bit. Yeah. A little bit. Yeah. I I'm surprised the bases are loaded. Against the dodgers. And as as the late skip carry used to say after he said, the bases are loaded. And I wish I was too. Denver Matt or bridge radio the avalanche and the sharks still tied. No score. I was thinking about the was that seem in fares. Bueller score. Nothing. Nothing. Who's winning the bears? Baseball game. So good. No, no score. No score. That's the probably say Ed Rooney thinks he's kind of cool. You like that little wind up throws his napkin, she's pizza parlor. If Ed Rooney had just not that tried so hard. Like like, he just he over committed. And sometimes I have, you know, watching bueller back now as an adult. I have a little bit of empathy. Like, you said if he wasn't such a tool, then maybe maybe could have been okay. But he he just went too far man he was captain Ahab chasing after the white whale. But why he over committed? And if it's a kid, it's it's a Ken who has a little bit of a truancy problem cares. You're pushing them out into the real world is about the the kids about to graduate like how their year under my supervision. Why would you want that let the kid move onto the next generation? That's right. You wouldn't have a movie you create a conflict facture a crisis. It wouldn't have been as entertaining. I I understand that. I'm just saying that if I took a lot of the the lessons learned from fair Steelers day off and apply them to my I've experienced in my life. I just tell Ed Rooney, you know, hey, Mantica hobby. Go do something, you know, go go whittling or painting or go hike. Go climb a mountain. Or something. I mean, you you. Well, travel to to the point like he's just got to take this ball of energy that he had that is he was using to hunt down this teenage boy, and he's got to use that some other way. But to there's a lot of movies down the eighties that we look back on. And you know, how I feel about the karate kid. We've we've been around rounds rounds we talked Martin cove about it two and still one of my career highlights is Martin cove agreeing with my assertion that Johnny was the real karate kid and Daniels really just a bully. And he did take Yanni's grow sort of saying he just moved in on his girl. He came to town and all of a sudden he moved in on his girl. But what does it's interesting what the he alley with an eye with an I played by Elizabeth Shue, man. I had the biggest crush on her back in the day. So at five foot two or something. But yeah, me too. What is being five to have anything to do with? I always like I always think about people saying Yoshi is really very short. It doesn't matter. She's back in the eighties. Like, oh, my Cal. Yeah. Adventures in babysitting. I was just going. Exactly. And makes a Macy's eleven twelve year old heart to start pumping oil faster there. But anyway, anyways. So. Yeah. What did she see in? Daniel the only thing that guy of the he pity this poor guy. Yeah. I it was pity that had to be. I don't know. I don't know what else because Johnny was white cooler now Johnny was a little bit of a hot head, and you know, what the right anchor management problem and Cobra KAI and John crease didn't help that. No. And so so the thing is if Johnny was directed in if you sent in the right direction for the very beginning if he had a mentor that knew how to channel his frustrations into a more positive Johnny really had the chance to be something special. Let me give you this hypothetical. What if Johnny at age fourteen had happened to bump into Mr. Miyagi? Oh my gosh. He could've been president. I mean who knows the sky's the limit? But the thing is Tang you'll in the Cobra KAI series. We see he's become a very successful businessman. What's right and? And Johnny is down on his luck. But he builds back up, right? But you're right. The very beginning to have a goal, and it turns out now he's got the goal right in taking down Daniel. Johnny was always much more talented, the Daniel like that's the thing. I think people aren't misunderstand. You can't do. The crane kick in. It's illegal that. That's what kills me. It's it's like it's like Rudy being offsides in Rudy. It's it's you can't you can't you can't talk about that. It's like, oh, man. I wept. Were I've screaming my TV because see legal. It's of course, of course. Yeah. Right. Of course. It's going to get the snap side easy to get the sack when you're off side. Right. Yes, I'm not a fan of Rudy, by the way so much though. I know I know I know, and you know. I want to like Rudy bouncing all over the place here. But I I really wanna like Rudy because there's there are some there's aspects of Rudy that I think all of us can identify with every scene. Charles us Dutton is on the screen. It's amazing works. It's amazing five feet. Nothing a hundred nothing and he having a spec that led ability. I mean that that's a great speaks right there. When he basically gives Rudy the metaphorical kick in the tail tell them, the you quit. No get your butt back out there to practice. Of course. Here's the thing. If that really happened like if he'd quit and come back now. Dan. I might have just said, you know, you quit on us. Heck with you. I could say something stronger, but this is a family radio show take. Yeah. As we always say, this is a family show, even at nine fifteen night boa, Avs score Tyson. Joe's ni- he there with a comfort and Cole on the assist as a one nothing lead over the sharks with fifteen chain for meeting the second period. Must win Marino easier now long way to go but get the three goals, and I'll breathe easier. You've got you've gotten off the Schneider a little bit. But you said it perfectly you you said a perfectly the team between the nuggets and the ads the team that actually has the chance to win a championship more likely the ass. We'll ask yourself this name a single player in the postseason in the NHL. That's playing right now who's team still alive? That's bear. The Nathan MacKinnon can do it. Exactly dumbing couture has been great right in this series. But he's not a better player than than MAC. And when you have that you've got a shot. You've got a very good shot. You're playing with a lead. And I like I trust group our more in net. But it's still you know, you could see both goal sometimes come in bunches. And all of a sudden if San Jose scores two or three here, it could swing the other way, the the Avs home-ice. They've got a lead keep going. We'll keep being says we saw game seven of the Vegas San Jose series. Just because you have doesn't mean it's enough. Of course, then the key becomes avoid the five minute major. Yes. Author period. One hundred percent three zero three seven one three eighty five eighty five's our phone number. That's the way you can get a hold of us on the phones the text line five six six nine zero. So if you want to send texts or heard from Brad on Twitter chiming in Brad talking a little bit about New Mexico. Look, I want to say something about New Mexico for your second. I hope that you know, by now if you've listened to me. I did like my time in New Mexico. I talk a little bit of trash here and there, but that's just my nature. That's just kind of who I am. And so so me saying anything about New Mexico? It's the tough love that. I'm trying to give to New Mexico, and I grew up there. So I feel like I can now you, you know, you said a perfectly like it's okay that I say that because I grew up there. I spent most of my life there if somebody else says that in talks trash about New Mexico because they saw some episodes breaking bed. That's different. That's on them for not being an educated person me, I grew up on a meth, but I grew up around New Mexico. And so I know a little bit more about the slowing down there. And you know, and even enough to say, okay, there are some aspects. They're true. It's like being in Florida. I can tell you in particular. The Seinfeld episodes when they go down to the retirement communities when they visit del Boca vista the pines of mar Gables face to that's right on the money. And in fact, I became a Seinfeld fan from the first episode where they went down to Florida to the pines of mar Gables face to. Visit Jerry's parents and seeing the way people interacted how. They went nuts over the smallest most trivial things. Like, here's a story. In the neighborhood. I grew up in there were some retired people who'd moved down from New Jersey, and Illinois and places like that. But woke abyss dull or is it del Boca vista before that of Martinez space? They weren't faced three of yoga vista. Okay. So the neighborhood. I'm in is this suburban neighborhood about twenty miles from Tampa. And. There were families there. But there were also retirees living there as well. First of all we see the the condos on Seinfeld when they visit Florida all the pastels and all that's dead on how people decorate their houses down there. But there was this guy who lived down a couple of streets over from our house, and what he would do he actually had he got around on one of those electric scooters. Yeah. Because that's what you do in Florida. Right. And he wrote around the neighborhood and every violation of like, the deed like the data thing called a design review committee. Okay. So if you want to put anything up in your yard had to be approved by the design review committee because it was a deed restricted community, and and any violations he would go round. Like we had a tussle with this guy for nearly a year over a basketball hoop? What? Yeah, this guy didn't want basketball hoops up in the neighborhood. That it was just his call. Yeah. He felt it was a violation of the deed restrictions. But if there was a, but if a basketball hoop was in the wrong place, eventually after we kinda rammed it through. If they're you know, if someone hadn't mowed their lawn properly if a child's play set was too big. If there was if there was something I can only be in the backyard can have in the front yard, and he would stop his scooter and write it down. But yeah, they this is as they said on Seinfeld. The the people they live their entire lives to move to Florida sit in the heat pretend it's not hot. And force these stupid rules. So that's what a lot of these communities down. There are like so tell me this. All right. We'll get we'll get back on track. You're say the odds again leading one nothing for Brian on the text line hockey is the best. Thank you, Brian. Okay. Is Florida.

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