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Trying to make sure that we're you know, diligent and every little thing to make sure that there's no further threats to the city right now. Authorities say there are no specific threats to Seattle or the state of Washington ahead of Wednesday's presidential inauguration. Black own coffee shop in shoreline, recently targeted by arsonist is now open again. Customers lined up around the block outside black coffee Northwest. One of the owners tells us she had nearly 40 customers in just four hours. Some customers even brought gifts. The workers say it felt like a grand opening. Record surgeon. Deadly drug overdoses in King County is worrying public health leaders come Moses and found reports they've seen more than 40 suspected deaths in recent weeks across the country. The number of overdose deaths is set to reach an all time high, and there's a record setting spike and overdose deaths and King County. There are a number of reasons which all seem to point to the pandemic. It's just really unfortunate covert has just made a bad situation. Even worse. Dr Steven Standards, is a pain medicine specialist at Swedish Hospital. Endemic restrictions and closures mean people are out of work and stressed others air alone and isolated. Others are unable to get the help they need or continue with treatment, a recovery programs that there's just the whole stress of the effects of cove it and on all of our lives, let alone patients with substance use disorder, and that also could be a trigger to maybe them falling back into their problems around misusing substances, and they're more drugs out there. That's Cuomo, Suzanne Faan reporting. North Ben has the highest positive cove it test rating. King County, the Snoqualmie Valley record reports Over the past couple of weeks there were 58 new cases with a 25% positive test rate. That rate is more than double the King County rate of 10%. Are you turning to the Internet to make extra money during the pandemic? Comas matter factor has a warning about selling things online. The better business Bureau reports a number of what they call overpayments scams. The buyer will claim they want to cover shipping or other fees. Because you've been such a great seller overpaid. The camera's gonna ask for their money actually funds back. Return your money. You'll return their money. But afterward you'll find that that initial payment was truly fall. So the buyers online payment is gonna be denied. And you're out the money and your item, Then Spradling with the BBB has some simple advice tonight. Um, before you receive a payment, If you shit before they pay, you will have no way to get your item back. And if you do fall for a scam, connect directly with the platform. You used to let him know what happened. And the factor. Comeau News. Seattle police watchdog found three improper use of force violations during riots the summer, the Office of Police Accountability says officers deployed tear gas or through blast balls overhand without being fully aware of their surroundings. Open director Andrew Meyer Berg says some of the blast balls that people who are not posing arrest to public safety or property. We're seeing those particular kind of in these chaotic times and demonstrations where their officers were throwing them overhand like throwing them almost like a baseball. On been throwing them directly at people on June 1st two complaint claim. Police escalated tensions by dispersing the crowd with blast balls, tear gas and pepper spray. The Opa found the reasons for breaking up the crowd. We're not proportional to the risk of injury or damage the dispersal would cause Recommend several policy changes after closing 22 investigations into allegations of misconduct. One of them would ban officers from throwing blast balls, overhand or throwing them directly at someone unless they're trying to prevent imminent serious bodily harm. Hold traffic every 10 minutes on the force from the Dubin Law Group Traffic Center. Here's Curtis Calhoun still dealing with a minor blocking issue right now. Sapp found 169 right. The four or five interchange taking up the left lane and traffic is bunching up so little bit approaching, man seems more distractions. And if we keep your eyes out there, North found five year highway 53 twos just north of Marysville. Actually have a crashed. Watching all lanes of traffic is really bunching up to that spot as well. Keep you updated, Curtis Calvin, come in traffic. Dry afternoon around western Washington. A.

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