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Dylan to bush's ted talk and i was like this lady's felicia but then i'm like but that really did happen fucking manson and they didn't like the kids at the school. So bang bang. That's fucking wild. Oh can you imagine just like killing somebody. I don't know. I couldn't imagine like we always thought we were kids when you came out it wasn't really especially the wait is now. We're like if you talk about the five g especially like david. Iq you're fucked. But i remember we used to watch like like shh like old school music is. There's a bunch of stuff. But i remember watching this. It was called zero day. It was on youtube for a while and it was a school shooting. I'm pretty sure columbine. And they showed the entire video and the security cam footage and we watched it on youtube. At least like three times. I don't know why my friends are fox. But there'll be like five six of us around this tiny computer screen and the early two thousands watching like fucked up videos on youtube. And i remember seeing that fucking zero day footage and i'm pretty sure dot com. Yeah it's the yeah rotten. Dot com is fox. We so we're watching the shooter's go through and now that i'm older. All this research is like there is the theories that it was set up by the cia. I think it will eventually talk about in strange brew but like it was a and there's twenty witnesses that said it didn't look eric harris or dylan cobalt but talking about the suspect. There's people that believe that it was set up by the cia and which is fucked up any of you ever heard of falsehoods. No so this is fucked. Foxwoods was i like the kennedys like their stories flocked. Wanna get more into at a strange but like the kennedy situation as a weird. I like i like. There's a documentary.

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