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People make weird decisions about what they post online. That's certainly true. And then if they are. You know intoxicated in any manner then. They're completely posting things that they shouldn't put out there. Sure other that all the time. I mean the things i post just aggressively stupid and not necessarily of anything like illegal. That's going to get me arrested right. Obviously that's because you see you can still thank. You still have logic there. Most people don't when they do things they just they lose all ability to reason like the movie. Post the movie plot idea that i have that i posted about a few days ago. I was hammered. When i posted that. I don't know about that. You wanna share. I can't share it on the okay but it's really funny. I'll tell you about it during right. That sounds good. Says the documents which were obtained by the not for profit organization. The brennan's children. The brennan center for justice have raised concerns about civil liberties and the potential for mass surveillance of civilians without justification. There are real dangers about police. Having all of the social media media identifying information at their fingertips said rachel a deputy director of the brennan center noting that the information was probably stored in a database that could be used for a wide range of purposes while the social media collection has gone largely unnoticed the. Lapd's use of filled interview cards at prompted controversy last october. Prosecutors filed criminal charges against three officers in the lapd's metro division accusing them of using the cards to falsely label citizens as gang members after stopping. Them you know what else they could. This takes you know there have been a lot of examples of a hut girl going into a store and then a few hours later getting a message from someone who worked there on facebook number. Yeah and now. We have that possibility with police in this scary. Yeah oh pretty cute. Oh and i have her facebook right. Yeah are you like a friend request and you don't know it's the police officer because maybe don't recognize them and it's just not blatantly. They don't have a blue line and you're like oh he's cute alf random. It's not good now. They're gonna learn all kinds of crap about you unless your profile us it to private. Yeah but if you accept them as a friend they're gonna see that's true. Yeah and i accept like i used to. I accepted anyone as a friend. You would friendly. And i'd be like. Oh yeah you'll you'll be. You'll do good as long as you have a few mutual friends. I don't have a hard number like maybe two. I don't know. I don't give it much thought. I will generally accept the request because my okay. Well this is at least someone who knows someone that i know. Yeah but then if you start accepting people like you may not know the just has a couple of mutual then you have them as a mutual friend and somebody else. That was their mutual friend. And now you don't know any of them because it's one thing to say okay. No i don't think new hampshire should declare independence. It's quite another to say. I don't think you should be allowed to vote on whether or not you have sure should declare independence right and the state reps who are against independence. That's fine. they can vote no on the ballot question but they will play their hand to say. We don't want people to even have the option of voting..

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