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Frank Reich, Shanahan, Andy Reid discussed on WIP Programming


They give you is assistant head coach does matter but I think it's pretty much made up I kind of grew but isn't it well they did they did that also because they did want to pass some over or offended when they promote about micro last year anyone losers ago I don't wanna lose too stale they didn't want to say well we like this guy more you're going to we're gonna give you a promotion also you're now assistant head coach and running spec code running back coach where he was right but yeah yeah but they kept that title but they also made assistant head coach at the same time they promoted micro after Frank Reich left yeah I I I I just like the I like this that they have right now like with them what is the set up we don't really know what they have they having dogs call the place Doug Sohn plays but any as it experience guys sent and scanned or a low who everything is what's his title he's an assistant it is in the office assistant read what the hell is that he's just there he's there to script the first fifty years we had a you look at look at every team's media guide so you see how many teams have an offense of assistant listed wow I mean probably not like the Niners in having also often scored there last year and I would say they were fine until the fourth quarter the super when I forgot how to when they decided to pass etcetera how Shanahan cannot go to the fourth quarter and it's certainly not since the second half as his downfall you can't do it he's a bring in they need to find a closer for knowledge and was like it was like Andy Reid who can't figure out how to get the win the big one versus kasha hand who when he gets the big one gets a lead and can't win can't figure how to close out of a guy who could win was a guy that ended up winning Shanahan's the new Andy Reid he did he out he out any that is what I we come back we have Kevin Frances gonna joins talks and Phillies baseball W. I. P. sports down to fifty seven things you can't replay that poker game read when we Sir those are baseball cards.

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Frank Reich, Shanahan, Andy Reid discussed on WIP Programming

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