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We're back to a high of 80 degrees right now. It is 49 degrees in the American Standard Cooling weather Center. Gosh, do I love the sound of that anywhere between that 49 that and that, like 72 All right. It's a pretty wide Got there, but that's that's that's what makes me that's what makes me happy. Right there. The time right now is 806 thiss Hour on 93 WNBC is powered by Marshall Mechanical, your American Standard air dealer in Johnson County. Of course, you heard about the riots in Lancaster. A man was shot and killed. That man took a knife and ran after a cop cop was called to the house. Man comes out of the house where the night goes after the cop. He was shot and killed. They lied about it. This coming from black lives matter. Activists in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, saying police shot an unarmed 14 year old autistic in none of that is true. This leads of protests and riots in Lancaster, destruction of property in Lancaster. They arrested 12 adults and one juvenile. And those adults are being held on $1 million bail each. That is incredible. Tony Katz 93 W. II be see. Good morning. Great to be with you being held because the judge is simply not interested in taking it. According to a press release. Suspect's piled street signs trash cans of metal dumpster mental bike rack and pieces of wood in a wooden pallet at the intersection of North Prince and Wes. Check chestnut. They filled the dumpster additional trash as well as the wood and set the contents on fire. They're facing charges, including conspiracy to commit arson, riot failure to disperse institutional vandalism which I didn't It was a different thing than just vandalism. I didn't know that and disorderly conduct. Now, in case anybody's ever asking question off course these people are organized. None of these things are spontaneous. Internal emails from the from the Department. Homeland Security Catherine Herridge with the reporting at CBS. Former acting undersecretary for intelligence and analysis. Brian Murphy, who I think is the guy who has the whistleblower report again regarding President Trump. That same guy, he wrote the colleagues on July 25th of the Portland violence was not opportunistic, but organized. We cannot. We can't say any longer that this violent situations opportunistic. Additionally, we have overwhelmingly intelligence. That's the way they wrote it overwhelmingly intelligence regarding the ideologies, driving individuals toward violence and why the violence has continued. Core of threat. Actors are organized and showing up night after night and share common TTP is what our Teepees tactics, techniques and procedures threat. Actors are motivated by an orchestra antifa are combination of both ideologies to carry out acts of violence against state, local and federal authorities. Course These people are organized. Of course, Auntie. Far the fascists. Antifa is violence We have been saying so since the beginning, it hasn't changed and TIFA is violence. All Antifa members are violence. All Aunt Eva members want to destroy. This is who they are. And here's them on the idea of an election. We we simply can't have that wait.

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