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The process of of strengthening is body for the for the long haul of the nba talking to recall head coach for the dallas mavericks has got don dante out of europe i mean this guy's vote is supposedly incredibly special and obviously special enough to the dallas mavericks stay moved up in the draft to get their hands on him with that being said obviously anytime nobody talks about the mavs they're talking about dirk nowitzki who's a future hall famer one of the great players to we have ever seen in the nba and obviously arguably the greatest player ever coming out of europe when you consider the fact that this guy just turned forty years of age coach i mean they use approaching the tail end of his career just averaging twelve points per game last season is daunting to connor guide it's going to prolong the career of dirt levinsky or just make it easier for him to openly say goodbye what do you see transpiring with dirt levinsky in the immediate future that is yeah you know that's a great question i don't know if this is gonna be jerked last season i do know that twenty one seasons with one franchise will be an nba record you know the the most seasons where the franchise a single franchise at this point is dark and kobe bryant at twenty years kobe was twenty with the lakers dirk obviously twenty with a mass so i think this is important milestone for dirk from that perspective but you know categorically speaking you know we've we've got to lower our dependence on dirk and we've been doing it in the last two or three years you know harrison barnes stepped up he's been our goto guy dennis smith you know it was a fifteen twenty game score or last year and was really good at the end of the season and got better and even now we have a third guy that can be playmaker the score and you know can be a guy that really helps may guys better on our roster and then steve really if you think about it that's been maybe the greatest thing that dorks done in his career because he's on the floor and shoots the ball so great whoever's guarding him his bursary virtually hugging him all over the floor so you know if you're playing against new orleans anthony davis has guarding him and you know it keep an anthony davis away from the basket and so it makes the other four guys in the court better and so look guys can't play forever and so you know my my wish this year is that you know we can be number minutes for dirt but he can stay healthy again as well as he did last year i mean he was on track to play anyone games until we shut them down to do this minor ankle surgery and then at the end of the year ray you know we'll see where we are he may he may decide to keep going i'm wondering about guys free agency to because obviously you're a great coach you know how we all feel about mark cuban dallas great city you've guys got some cap space i've often wondered you know hakam the marquee free agent can't get attracted to dallas we we've been talking about lebron and paul george and everybody else ad nauseam you got klay thompson kyrie irving jimmy butler and others than expected to be available next some what about dallas being a major player in free agency not just the draft what do you say to those who questioned will have those questions about the dallas mavericks well you know going forward and he what we're doing here is pretty together a core group of dynamic young players that people in free agency there are available in free agency are gonna look at say you know what you know that's a that's a group that i'd like to play with i mean who wouldn't wanna play with you know guy creator penetrator like dennis smith a spacer and playmaker like don kits and a guy like barnes who can you know play the three play the four and as a twenty point scorer i i just think pop part of rebuilding a championship team is that unfortunately you have to get bad which we've been the last couple of years but the fruit the fruit of of those difficult seasons is you know the ninth pick last year for smith and the third pick this year for dodge and now we've got to move this thing forward but you know you know looking into the.

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