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Still firing casualty insurance Coming affiliates with Brook, Illinois. It's 9 48, and it's time for traffic and weather on the AIDS with Jack Taylor in the Traffic center. Margin will start in Virginia's You leave 4 95 going 66 headed west. There was accident activity that's now gone. We've got a little delay in the eastbound direction. But that's through the long term work. We believe that's always between 1, 23 and Nutley on Route seven in Tyson's eastbound You're under police direction. I believe you're eastbound lanes are closed in West Park Driver that accident 29 Year Hill Wood Avenue in Falls Church, there was a crash. And the parade on going in Leesburg, closing east Market Street between King and Church streets, the lifted about 10 30 this morning. The reminder on the rails There are 13 stations closed on Metro inside the security perimeter around the inauguration. Farragut, North Judiciary Square Union Station Archives, Arlington Cemetery, Farragut, West McPherson Square, Federal Center, Southwest Capital, South Smithsonian Federal Triangle Metro Center and Gallery Place. Now, Metro's running trains Just do not stop at the station's Marc train service, suspended on the pen line, Camden Line and Brunswick Lines. All three will return on Thursday morning. V R E trains not operating through Wednesday. This week. They'll plan to resume the S schedule service Plus the Fredericksburg line trains 303 +07 1st thing Thursday morning The accident activity was in the district northwest on Connecticut Avenue with Human Street. South bound Third Street Tunnel after New York Avenue last heard that accident activity and cleanup still blocked the right lane. Now some inauguration closers, some third Street tunnel North bound their empty the U. S. Capitol. Closed freeway going west on ramp to Main Avenue and Park Police headquarters closed. Rock Creek Park Wiggle in South Bend of Virginia Avenue, All lanes blocked traffic South bound must turn left onto Virginia Avenue on the memorial bridge up near Lincoln Circle Traffic and only go to or from 23rd Street Northwest. The list full list of closures is going to be on w t o p dot com. The new diamond Mine fast play game from the Maryland Lottery has a progressive jackpot that starts at $250,000. And keeps growing. Play fast. Win fast with fast play. Please play safely and responsibly. Jack Taylor w T o P. Traffic and Lauren Markets with our forecast what you have for us this morning, lard. What? We've got some clowns in D C area, but we've got some sunshine elsewhere. So we'll go mostly cloudy to partly cloudy today. Temperatures.

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