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Pertinent those questions are those are enormously pertinent questions and i think james freeman should get some kind of bug nobel peace prize for cutting up with the obvious thinkin questions that this stage of the process dan bongino is a friend of mine also and dan bongino former secret service agent former nypd regular guy all around great american loves his country put his life on the line again and again and again and and he's got questions about my pal john brennan john brennan has disgraced himself he's disgraced the country he's disgraced the intelligence community he's the one man largely responsible for the destruction of americans faith in the intelligence community and in some people at the top of the fbi he knows about the dossier he denies knowledge of the dossier he briefs the gang of eight up in the hill about the dossier which they then used the demand the fbi starting investigation at the trump it is that simple this guy is the genesis of this whole debacle this obama gates buying scheme now again and as dan bongino and president trump is tweeting out what dan bongino said this morning and and rightly so so i won't read the tweet because it's what dan bongino just said they're essentially and and the worm is turning here the worm is turning i can tell you that right now let me tell you this tell you that and brennan is not a good guy in this and he's panicking and have you noticed loretta lynch is nowhere to be fun she's invisible shoes the amazing disappearing loretta lynch and where's barack obama ben boy he was real loud for a while there and suddenly he's been real quiet he was saying a lot of stuff for a little while and now barack obama he's hiding in the shadow of the mosque over there off of embassy row where he bought joe locke hearts eight and a half million dollars stone mansion is a man of the people are humble man is looking out for somebody i don't know what what it is but isn't that amazing also this is a remarkable development as well there is a an article in the hill newspaper which is a little bit of this and a little bit of that here in washington dc stopping robert muller to protect us all is the headline the author is.

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