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Age was sixty five right so struggling to lose weight and no matter what he was doing it obviously wasn't working metabolic age was much higher than he was an you know he said you know i used to be able to do you know like a low carb thing is to be able to just go high protein low carb start walking start running be able to knock off the wait is that's not working anymore and in one of the reasons for that you know if you look at it and wise metabolic age so high you take a look at those high protein diets your body can only metabolize about twenty five to forty grams of protein per meal suspect for four five six ounces depending and so if you're eating a lot more of that and you have in these high protein diets and you you think you're doing something healthy for yourself it's not that's not really what's happening and so what happens actually longterm is dehydration possible digestive issues kidney issue things like that and so you know we had that conversation with him we got him going we did the hair and saliva testing with byron scans we took a look at blood work we did game pulmonary support we game cardiac support personalized supplements as well fifteen days twenty two pounds boom that's how it's gonna work out and and so he's doing he's doing really awesome and congratulations damn well you know it's interesting because he he wasn't absorbing with men typically the that water absorption issues not as difficult as it is with women because yeah so that's very interesting to hear i don't you know we typically see much more women having that issue you know so.

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