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Soldiers killed I'm Christopher cruise President Trump today declared California a major. Disaster, area because of devastating wildfires that have battered the state recently he has ordered federal money to be made available. To help recovery efforts in areas, affected by the massive wildfires Cal fire spokeswoman Lynette round says the state is dealing with a lot right now we have more than fifteen thousand firefighters and. Working to contain eighteen large wildfires across the state of California and today we've burned over five hundred thousand acres people in Glen in Kaluga counties. In northern California are. Being told to evacuate as a fire there continues to grow the Taliban is claiming responsibility for a suicide bombing today that killed three check soldiers an American soldier and two Afghans were injured and Indonesian official says, at least three people have been, killed after a six point nine, magnitude earthquake hit. Lombok island today at least twelve people died when a quake hit the same island a week ago cody wilson the man who wants to put online instructions for making a gun with a three d. printer says the constitution lets him do so not here to argue for for or against our security norms i'm literally here to argue that what i want in court over five years in the western district of texas was the right and not just singularly but all americans have the right the shared data for making firearms on the internet wilson this morning on fox news sunday hurricane hector has been downgraded to a category three storm meteorologist allison chinchar says it's about a thousand miles from hawaii now now wins about one hundred twenty five miles per hour still gusting to one hundred fifty five miles per hour it's movement west about twelve miles per hour now it's still basically in the middle of the ocean still well away from hawaii but it's making its way in that direction the world health organization says thirty three people are dead and forty three people are believed to be infected with ebola now in the democratic republic of congo i'm chris Rooms.

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