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Days before digging From NPR news in Washington I'm Windsor Johnston the, prosecution is expected to rest its. Case today in the trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort NPR's miles Smith reports prosecutors are expected. To button up their case, today after calling four or five more. Witnesses to the stand after that manafort's defense team we'll get a chance to present evidence it's unclear how many witnesses. They plan on calling, testify Manafort is charged with eighteen counts of tax and Bank fraud that's NPR's miles. Parks reporting firefighters in northern California are making progress. On the state's largest wildfire on record the. Mendocino complex fire is about sixty percent contained it's burned more than three. Hundred thousand acres strong aftershocks continue to Gylfi, Indonesian island of Lombok a magnitude. Six point nine earthquake struck the tourist island last Sunday. Killing more, than three hundred people NPR's Michael Sullivan reports there have been two smaller earth Quake's since then the latest. Quake with a magnitude of five point, nine injured dozens of people and frightened even more already sleeping rough because of the threat of aftershocks or because, they had nowhere. Else to go after their homes. Were destroyed more than two hundred and fifty thousand people in, Indonesia were displaced by Sunday's earthquake. Stocks are trading lower on Wall Street at this hour the Dow was down one hundred sixty seven points. The NASDAQ down thirty three, you're listening to NPR news.

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