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Clermont county sheriff's deputy among those who turned out for Clermont county detective Bill brewers visitation Thursday, Ohio governor, Mike dewine. Congressman Brad winstrom talked about detective brewer on the floor of the house in Washington. Thursday law. God has called Bill brewer away from us the positive effects of his works. In this lifetime shall never perish. Brewers funeral is today at Mount Carmel Christian church the services being shown at west Clermont, high and middle schools for first responders to attend. The public can watch a simulcast at crossroads church eastside on Eastgate. Drive south a service starts at eleven. AM jack. Crumley News Radio seven hundred wwl w house speaker Nancy Pelosi is hoping that there will be not an or there will not be rather another partial government shutdown. Here soon. I have confidence in the appropriators not because I know what they're doing. But because I have confidence in the appropriations process at the capitol yesterday. She said that budget negotiators should be allowed to do their work in a bipartisan way and a bicameral a house and Senate can come to a fair conclusion, which I would support the California. Democrat also noted that she and President Trump should stay out of partisan negotiations. The TSA says that federal screeners found a record number of firearms in airline passenger carry on bags last year. The federal agency says more than forty two hundred turned up in twenty eighteen nationally with Atlanta's airport leading the way we had a total of two hundred ninety eight guns detected at KFC checkpoints in Atlanta that's up from two hundred and forty five in two thousand seventeen TSA. Spokesman Mark Howell says DFW international airport in. Texas finished second. Wells Fargo customers are hoping for a better day to day after the nation's third largest Bank suffering air suffered ain't nationwide outage yesterday ATM's were offline as well as mobile banking. Wells Fargo said that the power shutdown was caused by smoke at one of its facilities and ruled out the possibility of a cyber attack.

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