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I'm your host Brian Stelter, here with the podcast her a Paul Ryshkov. He's out with the relatively new angry Americans podcast, Paul. You've had some great guests in your first weeks doing this. Why did you decide to launch the podcast? I really felt like podcasting was a place where I could have real discussions. First of all, there's, there's a lot of issues that come from the national security defense community that I think are under report. But there's also an angry middle in this country. A disconnected middle of independence who are not diehard Democrats, and not diehard Republicans are the forty percent of unaffiliated, an independent Americans that often feel underrepresented in media, they look at MSNBC or FOX or even CNN, and they feel like they don't have a home. So I think podcasting was a place to try to give voice to that community and also to focus on issues. I care about and the coupon about podcasting is you don't have commercials for the most part, and you have this long form where you can really have honest conversations and for me that's that's been important. I really get to know. My guess we go pretty deep with Sarah, Jessica Parker for over an hour talking about how she started her business how she grew up her favourite car. I asked her what she's angry about, but I also ask her what she's happy about. And she gets into we, we always talk about politics and understanding that this moment in time. Is very important and asking people to expand upon that. So this week, I've got a celebrity chef Tom Kalicki. Oh, he talks about serving people at nine eleven after the towers went down. He was delivering rescue meals to people down there, and how that shaped his view of the world and his business. So it's a real opportunity, I think, to go deeper, but also, frankly, realized the limitations of podcasting, it's still sort of an elitist thing. So what I also do is put every podcast up on YouTube. We put it out everywhere we possibly can and try to make it available to everybody. No matter what kind of phone, you're on or no matter where you are. So in some ways, it's almost like the new public media. And I think that's an exciting landscape to be able to work it. Then there's any point is kind of the new public media and some of the democrat candidates doing a good job taking advantage of that. Not so much. Interestingly, not so much President Trump. We were talking before the break about Memorial Day weekend, and coverage of military issues. You think about the first couple of years of the Trump administration Trump was once surrounded by military officials. John. Kelly Gimenez taught McMaster. How do you think his relationship with the military has changed since those departures? It's a road almost completely it's falling fast. I mean maybe let me just break it down for you. We went from having General Mattis as the secretary defense who had many ways is the most revered combat leader of our generation in the Marine Corps. They call him Saint Mattis, their little shrines to Madison combat unit he is beloved by everybody from the highest ranks to lowest ranks. And now we've got a guy and Shanahan, who's never served in the military and was a Boeing executive, you know, their profiles couldn't be more different. And by the way, Shanahan, also hasn't been Senate approved yet. So the difference between those two types of people, I think reflect what's happened over the course of this administration. He used to be surrounded by my generals. Well, now he's surpri surrounded by his political people, and they tend to people who haven't served in the uniform. We know that, that, that folks, like, general Kelly are gone. We know that HR McMasters is gone. We know that Flynn may be going to jail. So these folks are not always the best representatives in the military..

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