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A lot of my favorite experiences were early on when you're like, when you don't have any clout at all, and you can see who who is really good. Like Conan O'Brien, I grew up loving known and then just bonnaroo he was. He was just kind of walking down this corridor, and I was thinking I should. I should try to get quote from Conan, and I was afraid of ruin of ruining my perception of him by by him, maybe non liking being approached by somebody. And then in that I kind of asked him, creeped up and asked him, and then he said, oh yeah, and he started talking about about returning to doing stand up and everything. And he just was such a funny guy that that there's a picture of that that ran in Rolling Stone of the two of us doing that interview. So that was like the first impact that I felt that the magazine was. That's like those early moments that we get kind of jaded after a while. I'm sorry, my favorite is Willie Nelson. Wow, interesting. Because. He was. He was one of my first cover stories, and he's a difficult interview. He's very shy and doesn't like to give away a lot. He doesn't like to. He thinks that he, he doesn't like to talk about himself. He's he's very into having no ego, like one time he he was doing a red carpet and afterwards I asked him to, oh, good questions are starting to make small talk. I wouldn't have. No, I would have no idea what a good question is like you. He's so he, he doesn't judge people in any way you might. Some people might be on the red carpet and have done this a million times and be like the test fuss. How'd you band story. But he, but so it was hard to get to know him. But I felt after many Texas torpedoes as he calls them. Giant joint. Yeah, we started to break and got to the point where we can just sit there and be completely silent, and which I think is a real sign that you're comfortable with. They call so that that was I went down to Texas to his ranch into its own town called luck Texas that he built an old western town down there that for movie, the red headed stranger in nineteen eighty six. And in the end, it was supposed to burn down and he liked the town. So we had them rewrite the script. So it's still there, but it's falling apart and after hurricanes and everything, it's really we drove around in his nineteen Ninety-four Chevy and like just smoke pot, and he talked about he really opened up in a way that I'd never heard him open up before and so that that was the best feeling it's interesting to in your with a gala debt, like there's big stars. Yeah. Then there's the mix and keys in the Nelson secular. That's different level of everything. Yeah, but that he's but he's, he doesn't have a cowboy hat on. He has baseball cap as wet shirt. Same sweatshirt he wears every day and then his friend, his friend, local businessman was come came over to set up for poker that night, and I play poker till three in the morning, and I had to go for the photo shoot the next day. And Willie was just looks like you know the the photo in that in that spread on its after he'd been up playing poker all night and it's just he looks so grizzled and old older than he looks now a few years ago. It just as the perfect. You want in. So you kind of you don't realize how special it is in the time because they're really, they seem like just just just people, especially some someone like that less cushion. Who's your dream interview? Well, Dylan, but he's, he's really tough. I mean, his last interview was AARP I think in twenty fourteen and but he did one with Rolling Stone twenty twelve with Michael Gilmore who's done the last several. But he said some things that got him sued in that interview. And I think that he's done these days. He just does them through his own website. And I think he just right rates, someway. I, and but I wish that I would have the chance doc, Tim, I I was just interviewing Mavis Staples whose opening for Dylan in Philadelphia, and we were in the Dylan backstage..

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