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Mhm rhinelander wisconsin georgia welcome to on point i kim this thinking you know how things happen with the with president trump is i think he gets the ones in the in and sees what they're like and see how far he can trust them and then if he they're not doing like with for we the people i think then it's time he terminates him you know but i think he is it enough of a shot to see where they're going with it and that's what it is i think it's just like you know how us the saying you have your friends close but your enemies closer okay and that sort of turnaround has been the subject of of not only news headlines but also headlines in the onion the latest says from the onion rick perry apologizes for trying to outdo fellow cabinet members by using seventy two million dollars of taxpayer funds on a lamp shade you know that that's funny but it gets to something that we have seen a lot of juliet lately which are these sort of financial controversies of people living high on the taxpayer dollar a talk a little bit about that sure i've been spending a lot of my time in recent months covering with my colleagues you know some of the spending the unusual spending that we've we've seen by this cabinet and so you know you can their their range of agencies and cabinet members that fall under this category for example scott pruitt the head of the environmental protection agency has made the decision along with the security.

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