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Courses you know is this fbi agent peter strasbourg a complete hack so bad that muller himself covered up that fact from the united states congress for months muller didn't want to lose his guy mother wanted to keep amman if it wasn't for the inspector general the department of justice we saw the texts between this peter stras uk a married man and his mistress lisa page both of whom worked for the fbi both of whom at some point we're working for muller each dope either we have a deputy director the fbi whose wife has a liberal democrat she ran for the state senate in the commonwealth of virginia with a backing of over a half a million dollars from the bagman for the clintons the governor of virginia mcauliffe never occurred to the deputy attorney general mr mckay to recused himself there were occurred as it was working as the number two guy right under jim colmey jim colmey very very close to robert muller you can see how this works robert muller upto is eyeballs at covering up uranium one deal obtuse eyeballs in covering up the peter stroh's like situation including from the chairman of the house intelligence committee who've been asking for months about this man situation stras out and he woke up one day any read about in the washington post and the new york times because it was selectively leaked by the fbi by the justice department and or mr muller's operation in order to control the damage they thought in order to control the damage safe more on peter stras i can a moment now the deputy to mr mollar what's his general counsel when he was the fbi director and he was also close to colmey also close to colmey and his name well weizmann andrew weissman hatches lieutenant is number one guy andrew weissman is a hack he's a hack i've told you about him before but we'll get into him again the latest is he praised former acting attorney general sally yates and obama appointee and other left wing hack you're remember her for refusing to enforce president trump's travel ban and yet president trump's travel ban at least the second adoration was upheld.

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