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In boston eighty two degrees with blue skies president trump says he is only two options on immigration we have a special report in a moment but this story i root for ninety five reopens in both directions in westford the highway was shut down for hours today after a transformer fire brought down high voltage wires traffic still heavy through the area an update just ahead but politically correct or not we have a country that needs security that needs safety that has to be protected president trump is doubling down on his immigration policy despite a groundswell of criticism even from some republicans he is meeting with republicans behind closed doors in washington here's more cbs news update immigration policy the topic when president trump spoke in dc we want a great country we want a country with heart but when people come up they have to know they can't get in otherwise it's never gonna stop don't like illegal immigrant families separated at the border protested outside the headquarters of us customs capitol hill arizona senator republican jeff flake let me tell you when the president is saying that this is all on the democrats but it's their long that's just not like that's not true majority leader mitch mcconnell all of the members of republican conference support plan that keeps families together while they're emmigration status is determined new york democrat senator chuck schumer who are here today to say mr president you should and you must fix this problem cbs news update i'm dave barrett in other news this hour.

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