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Yeah at that price i could use that you know it's just this little things i mean there's been times that i'm missing a cord or cable and there it is they got it on the garage sale look at that a firearm dr just about the rating kosher i have one of those i have one in silver it's sitting behind it's and i use it it's plugged into my router let's call isn't it acts as it acts as a it has eight eight terabytes takes a pair of drives tons of ram on here takes to drive so i just have extra storage up on the net move things back and forth between machines on thirty two gigs of ram for a mac pro now this is the older mac pro hundred twenty six bucks for thirty two gigabytes of ram let's not bad terabyte usb external for two hundred fourteen dollars that's not yeah that's not that great video but we do want to thank you see and this is like a rabbit hole you can fall down to and get lost in very very quickly just scrolling and scrolling and scrolling giving right now because yeah you have to quick otherwise you can oh this is not a bad deal mercury pro twenty four x external usb three super multi drive you could do dvd i think it does blue ri i can't tell maybe not fifty seven seventy five about half off that's a barbie.

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