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Registration fee if you live in, Milwaukee county pay thirty bucks on top of that for the privilege and Chris really wants to. Take sixty don't be surprised if that happened sometime soon in Warwick tosa the mayor wants to impose a thirty dollar. Wheel tax they estimated would raise about eight hundred thousand dollars per year on top of all the. Other taxes what do? You think? Dylan accountable billions. WTMJ Hello, good, afternoon Great idea about that call toast of the. People's Republican here's why I used to live there my family's from there and we don't live there. Anymore but that that's? The best? Much but here. We go We have a lot of factors you, know that we've had some facts. Guts and all that And now it appears the wave, of the future is. But community creating taking care of. Them felt a little more self reliant, our, best to that I self reliance, I like school districts Bagel taxes. For things they need I don't see any problem. With something like, that at all so I, mean I guess the question becomes does the community? Want to increase their own taxes, and that's what the discussion is and he do the people who might be why they don't because people don't wanna pay an expert thirty dollars in a wheel tax every year for a car We would love to live for nothing I mean that would be nice so you know have no responsibility But we don't Okay Issues So Yes I attack Well, now good taxes. Bad practice tax I. For, the people Something. Else what, is the. Talks that literally, else, let me think Bill me. That's silly, you can, argue well every tax helps the community we we you know we should, prove every school spending. Referendum the. Stare because if you don't it's it's anti education don't don't, you, care, about, the kids, in this is. The idea that okay You know we we want to try. To raise additional revenue because we want to improve the roads well okay nobody, has? Objection to taking care of potholes and improving that but, the question becomes? Is this the best way to do? It do you. Need to, generate revenue. In this particular, fashion, and what is going to. Be the, effect of, this is this way too I don't know maybe because more people to, avoid having to register. Their cars. What where do you draw the line on this now again if People in a particular. Community decide we don't have a problem with that that then then you. Get what you deserve I mean there's? Just, no question about it keep in mind though I. Think you got the seventy five. Dollar state registration fee Milwaukee county's right now is thirty bucks but Chris Abeille is hell bent on doubling that to sixty bucks so then. Let's say. You had an again another thirty dollars. Tax in Warwick tosa so where are you one, hundred and sixty five bucks potentially least one hundred thirty five dollars for sure does it. Become, prohibitive. For one four seven nine nine one six twenty and what. Is the effect of, it now this is why we are again? Having the discussion I don't live in Walla tosa so if Walla tosa you decide that this is what you wanna do you want. To contribute an extra thirty bucks that that's that's fine that's fine just be. Aware of what you're doing Danny in west Allis Danny or, w Jacob. Could afternoon Danny what do you think Oh I'm. Angry I just recently moved to Milwaukee county I heard about the the extra. Wheel. Right there like all It is ridiculously expensive rowdy, to lysergic Beautiful and it's amazing why look, at other counties other states and everything and I shoot it costs involved. In that and so excellent actually difference Can't. I can't get over it we'll make right the question becomes see, why does wall with tosa have to do this when other communities don't Well because like. Alaska caller basically challenged each got extra money laying around not going anything He's talking like, everybody's, making eighty thousand to one hundred thousand dollars a year You just. Go ahead and waste. Money on taxes well we'll Tak thanks to call wheel taxes are very regressive and we, were talking about Chris APL is that when he wanted to first. Of all impose the tax and then raise it to sixty bucks by. Regressive we, mean this, impacts people, with less means more than impacts people with you know larger means. You, know you've got somebody who's making eighty one hundred thousand dollars a year okay you know an extra thirty bucks an assuming. That two cars in your family. Or maybe three extra thirty sixty ninety bucks not necessarily that big a deal people with less means more limited means it is a big deal Terry in Warwick hosted terrier and w t j Yeah Jeff I live on my way that I'm I was in the midst of A little a little tiff with my one of my aldermen because I would I would beg to differ with a couple of callers, ahead of. Me indicating, that we, are. Not becoming the People's Republic over overtones sanctuary sanctuary city I mean do If you could do a sanctuary city getting rid of lanes of traffic for Chris Abe lease high-speed bustling I mean it's, starting no. Question about, it I'm hoping, to make it to retirement okay well tell me over tell me, t- Terry tell me why why do you oppose. The wheel tax because I personally I don't think, our streets are in that that bad a condition which. I assume is what the wheel factor for although this is the first I've heard of. It not right the that would be the idea they want they. Want the added wheel tax with the idea that they wanted to infrastructure infrastructure updates, they want to pay. For roadwork, over the next twenty five years That sounds. Like thirty bucks this year sixty bucks year ninety dollars a year Got no, thanks for calling you heard your net again you get to decide I mean, this is the. Thing, you get to decide which. Way you want to go Mike, and. Tosa Mike you're until UTM j. Jeff thanks for taking my call you sir I've been a resident that person thirty. Years and I really see a change. In this community. In terms of governance This thanks worry city steps there's, wheel tax this. We, have a huge school referendums. Coming up the community north avenue, they've. Redid it once they redid it a second, time just looking for ways to spend money and and I'm quite discouraged It's just nonsense Affects specifically to me in a way. Of hit, impact I mean look with their taxes. And property taxes I heard the rationale that we're going to do this x. pick it up the apartment dwellers of which I am glad I, own a home but that's pool is to we've increased our tax base with the building of, of housing units and those renter's pay their taxes through their rent to their landlord who, pays the taxes that the community is just lost the. Sense of governance Well. Thanks for your call Mike. I'm just telling. You that this is out there it is something for people to decide. But if, you think it's going to stop if. Thirty bucks I think you're you're extremely naive of a text here disease is spreading the mayor of lacrosse is now proposed this also sure and, they figure okay it's thirty bucks all right peop- people aren't gonna notice that even if you, got two cars at sixty bucks people aren't gonna notice that well I don't know drip, drip drip drip drip it's one twenty-seven Jeff Wagner WTMJ Thirty. Five WTMJ President.

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