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Like, what Ross said was innovative in the sense that it was the actual. It was an actual tangible proof of concept for bitcoin. Curious. It's still it's still mentioned as like the biggest oats bitcoins us for like these kinds of transactions. People are still talking about silk road. Like, that's how innovative it was man. So I for any innovators just like out there listening like don't be afraid, you know, create but freight with good intention, and that's just something that emotion is talking about. Because a lot of these people that are in this space in particular crypto blockchain I'd like I've had talks with are not here to innovate through just here to, you know, get paid and then and then make an exit Ryan kind of believed that mess with whoever got trapped with it. It's unfair. It's really like unfortunate by like if you're really looking into band really looking to build like, we we will see that like you. And I when we sit down with you. We will see that exactly think. Yeah. Please anybody this listening. I want you to Ross Albright or Toshinaga Moto the fuck out of this whatever you're doing. Apply. Like seriously, like apply that you know, what I'm saying? Like, I'm a big fan of Asian. I'm a big gun for free thinkers, you know, what I'm saying. You know, basically opinions in the things that you form in your mind off of yourself, and your experiences in an also obviously taking in everything else around you don't necessarily just be okay. I hear this. Oh, that's it right now for, you know, find a way to form your own opinion on I felt like when people do that in a think outside that box. That's where innovation happened in ask where mazing things take place in a I mean worlds, just get completely volved fairly changed. I couldn't agree more, bro. I honestly couldn't. I think that I think that just with anything, right? Like even outside of the space just anything that you do. Right. Are you innovating like are you improving yourself, are you kind of taking those fears that you have and conquering them making them knowns rights, so fear, the unknown, bro. John kim. I just John Kim was a legend. I sat down that means. He's an evangelist for right? And he's also the body yard. I believe the CO like when 'em fight sat down him. He spoke, Washington Lee. And dude, he was telling me some really crazy stuff to the point. Where by the end of the interview I had to take a step out. I was so emotionally drained because. Yeah, man, this guy is just preaching some real stuff. So what he said to me about people in particular is that we fear. What we don't know. And I asked him straight up. I was like what would you tell that person? That's working that nine to five job that kind of that, you know. Is wanting more out of life once more fulfillment? Has this idea has had ideas for so long and has never executed in such a manner. What would you tell that person? Do this guy blew my mind. I did not expect him to say this. He goes. I would tell them. They're not ready. He was like if you're still work if you're still there, and you're still debating it or not ready. And if you force someone to a to a position where the not ready, guess what? Like, I can inspire you for a month. And you know, you'll get off your ass. But will only be for a month. You'll go back to where you were if your mind wasn't ready to receive it..

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