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Giveaway. Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune. Earlier this week, we checked in with Chicago Tribune columnist Rex hooky as I absolutely loved the food drive that he was doing in the name of love and also maybe a little bit of hate hate wrecks. How are you doing tonight? Betty. How's it going? Really? Well, everyone by the way, you're listening to WGN radio. I'm your host Patti Vasquez. Rex just let you know his studio we have Dave Lundy and Mike lever and Eric elk. They're part of my freak out Friday panel. Because I I can't I can't cover the big headlines every single day, and we do it on Fridays. And sometimes we forget, but some of that. Right. Well, some of the people who read your column freak out because they hate what you're right. Yes. Accurate. Yes. Tells a little bit about the campaign, and then how this has turned out today because it culminated in today's results. So let tell us about it. Oh, yeah. It's it's a very exciting. Exciting thing as I did. But the about two weeks ago, I started this thing called the insult a columnist holiday food drive, which was intended as a way for people who don't like Collins to sort of quantify their dislike of me by donating money to the greater straggled food depository. And of course, I also allowed people who do whatever whatever is reason like my college, you know, they also donate and there were two teams. Rick stinks and Rex rocks. And you know, I just sorta left it to the to the to the market let the market decide. Whether I am good or bad. Iraq. Do you think Iraq? I gotta know turns.

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