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And then he interviewed a someone who is on the polar opposite of him. And I thought because he's interviewing someone who's considered a libertarian or not not a libertarian, but someone who's like anti-god this guy is pro God because he interviewed someone who has an atheist. I felt like, oh, this guy sitting down with him. He's not too crazy conservative, what fine. I could listen to him more and it was. So there's a benefit. So having said that if you're starting out doing interviews, whether it's for podcast or blogging, how do you get anyone to pay attention? Let's problem. I had in the beginning and what I did was I would go to bigger sites and say to them. If I get this person to do an interview with me and pull out the seven points of the seven steps to do whatever will you let me publish it on your site? And they say, well, we don't know you, but yes, if you could get whoever it is that I was after, they'd say, yeah, absolutely. We'll do it. And so I think that's a really beneficial way of doing things to say to a bigger property. I'm going to do an interview with this with this guest for you, and then also put the interview on your side. You're not interviewing the owner of that blogger publication. You're, you're interviewing somebody else. And capitalizing on that? Yeah, it'd be more concrete I couldn't get. I didn't think I could get Seth Godin. So I went to mash -able and I said, hey, if I get Seth Godin to talk about all the different ways you can do well, even though the economy's bad would you would you be okay with that? And they said, Seth Godin, he can talk about anything. Absolutely go for it, and I went to Seth Godin, and I said, Tim, Seth, can I interview you about the seven ways that people can do well in a bad economy, a publish, those that answer on mash -able and since we're recording, it also publish the recording in my podcast and he said, yeah, absolutely. And so we recorded it and it gave me some guidance for what to talk about and what to pull out. And then it gave me some guidance for how to turn that into a blog post for Mashal. And then it gave me a recording that I was able to put on on my site genius. I love that. I think we all know we need to and we're asking for something provide value in some way. And I think a lot of beginners. Don't feel like they have value to give, but I love that marrying of this two pieces together to create. Four, both sides actually become a connector, which is fantastic. What are some of the most memorable interviews that you've had and why? You know what, I'll tell you about one that's going to be published soon. It's with a guy named Barry stamos and the reason that that one means so much to me is because I was getting back into what I cared about. And so I interviewed him about how he started this company where he had no money. But he said, what I'm gonna do is people don't know how to write good Email. They don't know how to write persuasive copy. Especially bigger companies have big budgets, but they don't know how to do Email. Well, I'm going to write a few blog posts about how to do Email well, and then I'm going to offer my services to any big company to create their content. And then he ended up creating content for some of the biggest companies out there and selling it for. I don't know how many millions, but I remember in the interview is specifically said, did you personally get millions of dollars from the sale of this business? And he said, yes, I did. And there was also an earn out. And the reason that that matters to me is not so much that part, but later what he did was he create. A company called one heart where it's all about how entrepreneurship tap into their motion and tap into their happiness. And the truth is I really been wrestling with this for for most of my life..

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