Syllable, United States, Rickie Fowler discussed on The Golf Podcast - US Open Thursday Recap: 6/15/17


Falls on its way will exhaust from these these golf podcast on espn radio dot com now alongside chasing syllable houston michael left fitted have it a good time it's the cold cold gulfwide gas would michael collins along a decent so all of row one u s g a u us open feel like they were soft 'cause scoring water all those red things on the leaderboard all knows red numbers came a us pga tour event broke out know what broke out in open championship broke out that's exactly what this reminds me of it has the look in the feel of an open championship and really the scores are very much like it where the us jays sort of set up the golf course the way they wanted the play and weather has determined the scoring and quite frankly the wind wasn't blowing it all this morning blew a little bit more in the afternoon scores weren't is low but that's exactly how the rna sets up there golf courses for the open not supposed to be for the us open oh this the usga it's the eu it's our national championship indices guys tear in his place i'm not going to say tearing apart but this in is plainly some of them are playing like rickie fowler sevenunderpar now the one thing that is cool is we heard from guys like envied north and some of the people that have known this track a little bit they say 'do look at the number that's the yardage because people just assume because the big golf course it's a bombers course but you look at a guy like brian harmon.

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