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In your season long leagues And if you're doing daily fantasy, I prefer draft kings won a couple bucks on draftkings a few weeks ago. Well, they've got you covered there as well. Broncos Game Day Big Alan Jo Jo at 11 and then Countdown to kickoff. Ryan Edwards in the cast of thousands take you right up until kickoff 205 the Broncos in Sin City to play the Raiders. Yes, the Las Vegas Raiders that matter what city they playing, whether it's Oakland L. A Oakland again or Vegas. We know that Broncos country hates the Raiders. In fact, Phillip Lindsay, who grew up in this rivalry or around this rivalry. Even though the Raiders haven't been good for 20 years. Here's what he said this week when I asked him About the Raiders rivalry. Does he still have that sense of The rivalry between his hometown Broncos and the Raiders. Yeah. I mean, definitely. The writers have been arrival for since since I've been since I've been born. I've always known about the Raiders. It's a physical, physical game, and it's gonna be a physical game. We all know that. And I think we need to go in. There is the divisional game. You know this? I just gotta win all our divisional games You find on the way to win with more out of our division, But we gotta handle our division so that we can we can get back to where we want to be. And this is gonna be a big test for us when it comes to the physicality. And you know to be discipline, and we know which way to win this game. We have to score points with this. If you ask Broncos fans and I think our pals on the afternoon show here on K away Big Island Judge I did a poll and Asked who the Broncos rival was and the Raiders. I believe one going away. The Chargers were definitely the lowest and I think it was chief. But the Raiders, I think had more than 50% of the vote. Now, when you look at this matchup today, both Oh, lines banged up the Broncos, though less banged up. You've got grand glass. Go back after two weeks on covert the rookie Lloyd Cushion Barrett Center Glascow. Of course, you're right Guard. Dalton Prisoner hasn't missed a game yet in his pro career, even though we thought he might a couple weeks ago and then Garrett Bolles hasn't missed a game either and is in line to get paid big time. And as crazy as that sounds, it will likely be by the Broncos on a New contract. Near or at the end of the year or shortly thereafter. But on the right side, it's been a revolving door. John James is penciled in and then late in the summer, he decides to opt out. The Broncos are kind of Left in a lurch. So they put out your welcome Elijah Wilkinson, who they had pencil in to be the swing tackle slash compete with Garrett balls at left tackle. He played a lot of snaps. Their last year, in fact, started almost every game except for The two that James started and then the last one of the year on Jake Rogers started cause Elijah was hurt. So he had plenty experience there, But they weren't overly excited that you saw lies early in the year. He gets hurt. He goes on. I r. He's actually set toe come off. I are here in the next couple of weeks, but they, Fangio said this week he wouldn't be ready to go because he's missed. Six games. So you'd signed Amar Dotson towards the middle of training camp, and you need that veteran presence just to have, I think was comforting. Some people were calling. Formerly. Once Elijah goes down, he's in there. And then he hurts his hip against the Falcons. Jake Rogers comes in. Well, Jake Roger gets hurt in practice this week, I was told by a Bronco source that if Damar Dotson practice Friday, there's a good chance he'd play. But yesterday I broke the news. Well. Last night I broke the news. Calvin Anderson is going to start at right tackle Who's Calvin Anderson? Well, he's a second year player. Out of the University of Texas. He was undrafted by the Patriots Let go and then picked up by the Jets let go by the Jets, and the Broncos scooped him up pretty early last season. He's appeared in eight games. Almost not almost all the special teams all on special teams, but I was told by a personnel guy in the league that he's really athletic. They just hope that he's not overly aggressive. And then I talkto veteran Broncos player who told me that Calvin Anderson Is really athletic and has a bit of the mean streak, And in fact, they said, Calvin will be fine. It was their exact wording so It's not that you're overly encouraged with the guy that's technically fifth on the depth chart, but this isn't a guy. They just signed up The street who they're hoping can figure it out. Here's what Vic Fangio said Friday when he was asked how Calvin Anderson has come along in his time here in Denver. I think he's developed. Well, um I like what I see it, and I know our defensive players respect him and his ability. I think Mike and crew have done a good job bringing him along and if he has to play on Sunday I'm kind of anxious to see him play and I think he'll play well. It's funny. Had another brontosaurus tell me that they're looking forward to seeing what Anderson could do to long term right tackle is not solved. John James, very likely unless he decides to stay retired, have become retired. We'll come back next year and make $14 million. But that could be the end of his run here. You think their balls is likely going to sign a left tackle? There's a chance of that. If he does make it free agency. He gets so much money somewhere else that the Broncos may have to rely on moving. Calvin Anderson Toe left tackle early's having in battle with Elijah Wilkinson and Calvin Harrison is a left tackle. He was drafted or not drafted a projected his last left back on the draft, played left tackle the University of Texas and he's definitely got more experience at left tackle, but we'll see His athleticism and his mean streak and be tamed but used against the Raiders. Now the race is on the other side are really banged up Tramp Brown, the biggest right tackle, I think the highest paid right tackle in football. He's been out for a few weeks with Coke over 19 and then was getting treated and had a I think a bubble in his I V. Getting fluids in Cleveland had to stay in hospital, including he's out for a month. Richie incognito, starting left guard. I believe been out almost all year, and Colton Miller, left tackle who played great and hadn't missed Start had to miss his first start of his career, the first rounder out of U. C. L a last week and he is listed as doubtful not expected to go so they're banged up up front and then they don't get after the quarterback much they only have on the year. Nine sacks That is 30th in the league. Compared to say, your Broncos who are a thin the league with 22 sex. So Max Krouse speaking if they're off the edge, but they'll give Calvin Anderson enough help when you look at it. The rest of the injury. Report. Jerry Judy deal with shoulder I expect him to play Tim Patrick, with his hamstring comes off the INS report on Friday. He was a full participant, both cornerbacks..

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