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A baseball dirt bag in the cage I'm none of those things that are you I am a product of a lot of experiences that they give me the opportunity to gain from so many different angles I actually have a hard time with with getting when when not just me but other people in the game are are put in a box of old school or new new school analytics or got feel because I just don't think it has to be one or the other and in fact I don't think if you are exclusively one of the other you can be a great baseball leader so I I just I just want one you know that that I don't I don't identify anyone no I appreciate that to get cap on my guest in a route that Saddam give amount of time I want to say this when I look at you and I think about you as a player and a manager I don't see it that way I see a guy who would just you've always been really really good at making adjustments Gabe Kapler my guess gave great to have you back I'm sorry we're out of time the really good to get caught up great job as always it's always great conversation you got but take care gave thanks so much Gabe Kapler giants manager now on that thing welcome back our number three straight ahead Bryan Harsin joins me then scea it will give me did he give right nor do I think it's Monday Night Football report documented seventy four twenty four this season this seventy six percent what is and what I have for you tonight Baltimore looking just looks dirty shoot you chip for vacation get spread and if your story on a recorded message like cop out to fifty use the key word Mike nor that out to fifty use the key word Mike north Baltimore was initials so I don't know plus the Turkey shoot you go five and all for the season is free call the recorded message line now fall out fifty use the key word back north Monday night is a little like my court date you're covered did he use the key word by Corp I love Baltimore Los Angeles it's a monster I love Thursday Turkey shoot and I love to go five and all we want to get to see the free calls out of pre recorded message right how to use the key.

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