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World of sports Wednesday same deal Wednesday during a short time and pit not only did he turn around the football program he won a national championship Johnny majors passed away at home in Tennessee at eighty five they're athletic director heather lyke said coach majors set a standard of headset all of us continue to be inspired by before baseball could even return the pirates are down the start of Chris archer at the residence drafter complaining about neck pain at the end of spring training GM Ben Cherrington top news for us it's even tougher news for him that he's not gonna be able to be out there HM and we just we need to figure out a way to compensate for that Cherrington said they will take time to discuss picking up his eleven million dollar option next year Cherrington said he is confident baseball return and they would hold spring training here in Pittsburgh manager Derek Shelton what are the factors you know getting there having to know all that said the players proposal a hundred fourteen games shot down by the owners today as they look for one of more like forty to fifty to sixty games over five decades a staple to prepare for a season the Steelers will not be a Latrobe as directed by the NFL but they found a return next year NBA center returns July thirty first to Disney world Jeff and forties radio ten twenty KDKA.

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