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But it's only a matter of time until one of those events happen in the shooter drainage and then you multiply everything times about ten in terms of its daily challenges. That is terrifying. And hopefully this will get people that are in the position to make these visionary decisions and actually stop things before they happen to the best of our ability. I mean mother nature we all know can be rather caprices. Hopefully they will do just that because The wildfires you talk about a trickle down effect pardon the pun but also affecting our water supply this year in many experts saying because of the amount of ashen debris. That's coming down the river getting into the reservoirs getting into intake in water. Treatment plants Well just throwing a stick in the spokes. And you've got many expert experts saying that this could continue not just this year but maybe for the next several years absolutely and you and i share a great love for that reservoir called horse tooth and fort collins is currently pulling its water supply out of course to Fort collins has rights on bought some of the water horse tooth and also in the pruder. Now greeley has rights on the peter and they also have rights on the big thompson. Project that they use to fill boyd lake so I'm pretty sure. I don't know this for a fact that the moment but i'm pretty sure for collins is pulling water from tooth for their Supplies here in town. Where right live in over ingredient where you are now. radio station. They're pulling that. Water out of boyd would be my guess right now and largely. I don't have an update on this. But i know was as of early july. You did have a greeley halting Drawing water from the cash laprud or actually greeley draws about forty five percent of its water from the polluter under normal circumstances. I don't know they expected to back from drawing river water from the poodle. But i i don't have the answer to that in. Greeley is in this trait position. Because they figured out the terry Bison ranch kerry ranch aquifer that is brilliant. I know there are people opposed but i love that one but we're at the mercy of what comes down the religious here Even the big thompson project can be pretty well. messed up. I guess you'd say bye. Bye floods it. Took a sifi. Now you know in seventy six goes over of the highway thirty four going up to best as part right there. It could interest to the canyon. That's led took decisive out. And there was no way across feed water from carter over into her till they got that six just goes.

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