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Medicine. A very happy new year to neighbor to celebrate New Year's and Yom Kippur during the high holy days. Our number eight seven seven seven two six eight to five five we'll be taking some of your phone calls relatives have some interesting stories queued up for you. A suggestion that maybe if you wanna have a seen child that maybe you should put an ice pack in your shorts. I kid you not the study will blow your mind when I share with you. But I. Let's talk about some of the stories in this week's American journal of clinical nutrition. There's some goodies one is a study that looks at either a low carbohydrate high protein diets war. The use of omega three supplements for both together. Versus type two diabetes. And there's been a lot of buzz about low carb diets Lucar diets kill you very misleading headlines. And so let's dispel some of them in the study. The people a low carb diet for they fish oil for the Maluku diet, plus fish oil. They compared to diabetic sue. Were control group. They weren't on the low carb diet. Here's what they found. Both the low carb diet and the fish oil official alone without any dietary change improved markers of sugar metabolism such as hemoglobin ANC and fasting glucose, but when they were used together as a one two punch. Hello, carbohydrate diet, plus fish oil. The results were even better. And the suggestion here is that follow that low carb diet. Take some fish oil along with it for your diabetes. And yet another study. In the self-same American journal clinical nutrition effects of low carb BRUCE'S, low fat diet. Type two diabetes. And here's what they found. The low fat diets. Was trumped. If you'll excuse the expression by the low carb diet in this study it oh, by the way, you look to the details of the study. And this wasn't much of a low carb diet. It was dietary carbohydrate restriction. To a maximum of forty percent. That's not really a very very stringent, low, carb diet, imagine. The results would have been if they'd gone very slow carb diet as we sometimes put our patients with type two diabetes. Our societies our success without approach is remarkable. And yes, we throw in some fish oil. And this study about the benefits of breastfeeding breastfeeding controversial in terms of the benefits. Some people say reduces allergies of people say that it improves the IQ kids. Studies come and go supporting for disputing those contentions. But here's one. It says that breastfeeding for up to twelve months. Was associated with what's.

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