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Changes that rejoin and sounded a little bit sensual nature from STAN Van Gundy is replacing what used to be there, which is the famous STAN Van Gundy, quote from ten years ago around here, we've been doing show for a long time, we misrepresented him badly one time by editing together. What sounded like STAN Van Gundy? Very sternly calling Scott Brooks an idiot. Stan Van Gundy was fine with that back. When Scott Brooks wasn't an idiot. But now, the Washington Wizards wanna trade everybody, and STAN Van Gundy doesn't want his name attached anymore to Scott Brooks is an idiot. Do I have everything there? Right. Santa by misrepresenting, anything you're being the sensitive coach. It was. Okay. When Scott Brooks was winning. But it's not okay anymore. We've been playing this sound for ten years. Ten damn years. Scott Brooks in idiots. Great. It's great sound. I don't know if he ever confronted you about it. He should have because we played the hell out of Scott Brooks is an idiot. And then you demanded that we took it down as soon as he went sub five hundred Scott Brooks an idiot. First of all, I didn't command. I just said it's not I didn't like it. It's not as funny. You know? I mean when when Scott Brooks is winning sixty five percent of his games. It's clearly a joke. And when the when the wizards are struggling, you know, if it's people who haven't listened for a long time. How about we handle the funny? How about we handle the funny? You take care of just making flammable statements might take the coaches, we'll handle the five. Here's the point. I didn't make that statement ever. That's not true. Listen, I don't know what's happening here. But this guy clearly propaganda king liar. There is no disputing. You. Didn't say this Scott Brooks an idiot is. That. Say that you absolutely put that together. I did not put it together thing. That's the only thing on my side in that that people will believe it is. They know how crazy you guys are. So you know, they will then we should be allowed to buying it. Because honestly, there is nothing that proves to me that the wizards are idiot proof in leadership nothing. They're not allowed to have anything. I don't know about that. But Scott's not an idiot. Scott's damn good coat. Oh, there's. Place a sound bite for that history. That out. I mean, the guy is as great winning percentage, you know. So that when you're going to have a hard time art Knicks open, we'll close with Scott Brooks is a really good coach. And that's the kind of radio we need around here. Let's pivot from STAN Van Gundy. Coach protectors and Van Gundy into other matters because it has been really funny this morning to read the information coming out of Cleveland Browns camp that includes porn a federally indicted owner who escaped the federally indicted chargers behaving in a way that I imagine Jerry Jones behaves in the shadows. But you never hear me just referred to one of his employees as Obama Jimmy has them would apparently have these meetings with team brass and he's eating a hardboiled egg the entire time leaving shell casings on the floor. It's one of the more appalling and rich people things I've ever seen. Sham reported this story. We gotta get it in front of STAN. And we gotta get it in front of Stu gods. Because this is the story that people are going to be talking about today like the Browns. I mean, they were even more of a mess than you think they were. It's a juicy headline like all of it. He description of the article how long has it though. Well, that's the problem out here. Four minutes before the show started blame Lorenzo for something as Danny how much time was in your segment, which is always a minute. And didn't read anything times. It's fifty sometimes it's a minute twenty. I mean, you never know. That's why ask them. I'm so upset was set the timing of this article, and I knew what sort of position as Baker can pull us through all of this. But as a Browns fan, your concern is is this organization going to drag this unicorn down to so do you think that Hugh Jackson actually told has lem get the bleep out of my office? Of course, I do can you say that to an owner? Stan can you have? I know I know people that have, you know, there's this thing around a lot of coaches where it's..

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