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From my apartment to the attendant building in the seventh floor office of Mark Parkinson Vice President and general manager it was a room I well remembered with its Blang Walnut paneling and deep leather chairs. I've worked on a lot of cases with more and with a late Ed Morgan tool and it sounded now as though Ed my good friend from a long time back about to become a case himself clean Jenny will up a chair. Thanks it was quite a phone call. It's quite a situation yeah again at that. Just can't talk sitting down old habit. I just I remember when we used to be on the Johnstone building for we built this new one. We had those old-fashioned standup desks. It was an old man Clement was still alive. NBC Four. I was yes I keep forgetting about you. Newcomers meaning everybody WHO's coming into the game within the last forty years. I suppose I am one of the original settlers I m set in my ways to yeah what about hated to see those disco you can stand in front of them. Lean an elbow on them. Make out a report or speed. You're trying too hard to avoid avoid what it didn't call me over here just to reminisce about the old days in a way maybe I did. It is funny. Ah I always thought you liked it Morgan but I did and why did you say it's too bad. He didn't die a year sooner because I liked him like is too weak a word actually I thought as much as I would have my own son of I'd had one. I'm the one who hired him in the first place. Remember Johnny Remember I I took a personal interest in his career watched him work his way up to finally he was born too cheap adjusted for the West Coast head of our San Francisco Claims Office. Let was done good for a man as young because he was and I was proud of yeah I know I know you were it was a hard worker honest dependable and he had a good sound future ahead of him and then just like accidents. I usually just like that foggy night shop curb. He drove his car off a cliff in the Pacific Ocean and that was that tragedy the only apparently wasn't the end wouldn't have called me over here. No it wasn't Johnny. I wish it had been meaning. You'd better brace yourself within two weeks. After ed Morgan's death. We started getting complaints from some of our clients. At what do you mean complaints old. All demands for adjustment on claims editor reported paid weeks before requests for pass through settlements more and I don't get it neither did I so I sent a company coming out to San Francisco on acuity and put him to work on the claims files and we found out you found out what Ed's accounts had been doctored for some time what Johnny in the months before he was killed he'd embezzled nearly eight hundred thousand dollars Ed Morgan at margin and I don't believe it he did it might as well accept the fact anybody else yes anybody else but not in for one thing. Money didn't mean that that much I know we were always joshing him about living like an old hermit instead of a young bachelor cooler then why would he do it still eighty thousand dollars after all these years of being honest. What would he want? That would cost that much money. That's exactly what I wish. You'd find out how at a second mortgage second this is one. I don't want any part of either way but I'm afraid I'm stuck with it and you are doing away. Why because ED was your friend? Here's a flight ticket reservation to San Francisco plane leaves into our. I'd rather pass it so what I would. We can't neither of us. There's too many questions left and they've got to be answered by me. Eight thousand dollars of the accompanies money is missing. I just write it off and forget it. It has to be accounted for there are other investigators more and another thing that's just as important to me at least to find out why he did it. It's a failure and human dynamics man like Ed man. Everybody respected and trusted knee goes wrong. Why get somebody else to find out? I'd be pretty grateful of you Johnny Marr. I just don't want any part ain't know how you feel. It's quite a shock to find out he was a crook. It's like somebody pulling the rug out from under go so you WanNa forget all about him. Leave him safely dead and buried dead more but not buried if you remember they recovered the car but not his body. It's still somewhere beneath sickle all right. Look at it from an efficiency standpoint. If nothing else do any other investigator at Morgan would be just a name an unknown quantity but you knew him. I thought I did regardless of what he did Johnny. I just hate to think of a stranger point into his past. Maybe I still think back to the old times in the old country when the family buried their own and sometimes johnny a friend has to go all the way even when the other person is goofed. Isn't that what the younger generation closet. I'm not the younger generation more right now. I'm older than Confucius. I sure appreciate Johnny after all. Somebody's got have to do it yeah. Somebody's gotTa do it and like you said it was my friend. Let's have the ticket to fourteen dollars and thirty five cents Tips Texas incidentals in Hartford and same in San Francisco plane trip between points paid from expensive company manager and not included here with I went straight from the airport towards last address when he was still alive and apartment house in the nob hill section called the drake arms and there's where I got my first surprise edit always been the two-room bachelor walkup up typing arms consisted of equal parts of glitter glass swank and price including a uniform dorm a small private bar off the lobby and an assistant manager with a Gardenia on his lapel. Oh it was a rare one manager and it was a real Gardenia. I Am of course most desirous of assisting you in every way possible silvestre. What did you say your name dollar? The L I can spell dollar. I'll bet you can I beg your pardon. I didn't mean you didn't mean to be offensive. I understand now about the former occupant of sweet fourteen dollar. I'm terribly afraid. Please don't be I mean there very simply very little. I can tell you about the late Mr Morgan a matter of discretion. Is that discretion policy in the house something of that sort well. We do of course try I to protect the privacy law residents. I'm sure you understand even to the extent of turning down twenty dollars. Well Chris One. Isn't it under the circumstances Nice Likeness of Andrew Jackson thank you gratuities of this nature are always so helpful in smoothing the pathway of human relations. Don't you think so MR dollar definitely it's already helping you remember my name. the money is a mental stimulant isn't it don't call him money. Just think of it as item three three are. They get hot item scoring. I meant yeah I know it's kind of a habit is picking up now as your memory even stimulated any in regard to it Morgan Morgan Oh yes the late Mr Morgan pod minister dollar. Yes yes count as Muggy yes. I'll be delighted to send the boy up to courts of Suds Denies Dr Welby. The is this just plain beer is Scottish right away by polity criminals. You know now Mr Dollar we weren't Oh yes the late Mr Morgan again well. He'd been our guest to stand for about six months at the time of his tragic accident. What was he paying for? A suite of rooms will ordinarily we don't release information of that. This says not ordinary how much twelve hundred dollars a month well. He was a true gentleman if I may say so Beaumont and on the crassly materialistic decide if you'll forgive me sir very free spender story twenties element Mr Dollar I was trying to coerce your generosity by well putting on another another bind precisely all right so it was better down in a ming line stolen was throwing money around like water what else who came to see what sort of visitors did he have none at all that I can recall none on it all at least that overpriced cubicle and then just sat on it well what about friends here in the building. Most of our guests might be termed individually exclusive even eccentric in some cases as is except of course Mrs. Barren Barren years one of the loveliest guess we've ever had the pleasure of excuse me Mr Yes yes count is Margie. The boy is on his way I know but he has to go play down to the corn. The please repent and I'm so sorry doug drinks that stuff to now where where we about this misses Barrett that you mention Oh yes well of course she Mr Morgan were inseparable. You understand they were together. Constantly and Mister barone or there wasn't any when I recently deceased the dead when early this year's I recall I didn't know of course missile moved in here shortly after his death not until in an Ed Morgan wanted him over in about six weeks later or he met her here. No no they were already acquainted. Well acquainted I in fact I believe that that Mr Morgan and a young and very lovely widow at the time of husband's death matter of settling the estate or something of that sort of figure exactly why I thought so but I I do recall having an impression at the time that he moved in here only because of her and as I say they were together constantly right in the first. It's all very interesting. I I wonder if I can have a talk with Mrs. Barry will be utterly impossible. I'm afraid I'll look if you think I mean she isn't here isn't here. She's been gone for ten days now. What you go aw I really haven't the slightest idea Mr she moved down to you must've left a forwarding address or some? She didn't move out. She still has apartment here. She'll be back eventually I imagine but at the moment I haven't heard a word from us and she told poor dear you. No one can understand why she'd want to get away for a while. Such a tragic coincidence heading to deaths of exactly the saint o con found wait a minute. What do you mean by tragic coincidence? Oh well as I understand it. Misses Barrett husband also died in some sort of the accident. Yes counters and here's our start Oh to tell you about tomorrow's episode of this Story Tomorrow Trail Bank into a man's past as a faint and twisting one and at times it runs through ooh quicksand join.

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