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I'm a sober rational individual based on our conversation. I will say, well, you know, we had really bad weather, and it was cold. It was windy and that this house I'm in. It's like one hundred fifty years old or more. And so I can also say that in fifty years what I'm about to tell you has never happened. And I've got him broken residents to prove that toback it up, but we've had a get worse, weather, colder and windier than anything here. So keep that in mind last night. I'm it's about eleven twelve o'clock at all of a sudden on the outside of the house. I hear a bang like I thought like somebody's, you know, taking a battering ram and hitting the outside of the house and that happened a few times during the night. And this is around, you know, twelve one o'clock in the morning, or so, and I could not go out because of the glazed surface from all the freezing water and everything. We had here to go check. But during the day, I could see nothing was out there. But it occurred a multiple number of times and later on today because I've had to separate the house in order to integrate this new cat where the reigning monarch host doesn't really get along with them. I try to introduce them. Right. Finally, go into the front, and I'm hearing g the boilers sounds like it's burning at a clip. So I finally go downstairs later today. And do you remember in poltergeist when the furnace the thing is wide open where the flames are right? Okay. This is an old boiler heavy cast iron piece in the front of it and in fifty years, and it's wide open, and it's going to beat the band here. So this must have been going on during the day. So I finally close it I go back upstairs and later a few. I don't know maybe an hour. Let's say I, gee, you know, I really have to go downstairs and checks. So I go downstairs and check again, and I walked to the back. Of the house where the banging had occurred, and there's a bulkhead to the backyard that leads into the cellar. So that there's the outside door you walk down the stairs. And then there's the inside door and the inside door is wide open. And again, fifty years. This has never happened with somebody trying to get in. I know because the outside doors locked and closed just that it's just that the the furnace somehow this heavy cast iron covering to where you would look at the flame is wide open and the back bottom of the bulkhead entrance is wide open. And this all occurs after the fact that bang on the night before that'd be more times bang on the outside. And I'm saying you don't ever happened in fifty years. The something or someone was I think somebody was trying to get in. No you show because there was freezing cold, and it was icy glaze, you would have to be it was it was poltergeist activity. Then you're saying my thing. My thing I told you came back on I'm hearing a whistling like somebody whistled, but it was only one or two sets especially with the web the way it is. That's just so creepy. It really is. I mean and people get a little bit. So people were talking about how the red moon last night when he was in the sky cast the yellow shadow on the snow. It looked like the snow was yellow the I couldn't really see much of it because we had a little bit of the cloud cover. But there's been nobody in the backyard. There's snow shovel the backyard, I go look for footprints. But I'm saying these will. Even if somebody wanted to get into bangs occurred. The bulkhead and they were between the two windows. I mean, the person would have to be twenty eight. Like, I said, you know, hostile presences are always felt or always somehow appearing during moon phases. And that's been you know, because of the fact that red moon is very powerful in the fact that it's wolf moon. Once again raises suspicions about the wild animals in the psychology of wild animals, and maybe even the the mix of both man and wild animals, just the wind go, and there's also because we're wolves and all kinds of shapes Shifter's and strain stuff. So I mean, you know, poltergeist activity. Yeah. Sure troll. Yeah. Sure. What happened in the wintertime? Yeah. If I'm suddenly gone or something happens. Remember, you have some leads to go track them down. All right TJ. Thanks for the call. Does it mean these things that early modern Europe that was always populated with these especially in times, like these spiritual beings whose existence could not be understood a no one knew what they were. They couldn't figure it out. They could only marginally come up with some ideas to either they go to their Protestant or Catholic doctrines. And what are they find? They they find that. There's actually a belief among the churches at the time these entities reflect the perpetuation of the community between the living and the dead and human animal psychology physiology always subject to seasonal lunar circadian rhythms. And the lunar cycle has an impact all the time as I said earlier about human reproduction fertility people have had coronary events, cardiovascular instances, weird dreams dreams. I guess last night a lot of explained dreams. And of course, I was talking about something called where wolf effect, which I'm sure the term has been picked up as a substitute for what is called lunacy or the lunatic feeling or whatever it's been it seems like. Form of hyper education, where people who've been admitted to hospitals have these violent and acute behavioral disturbances during a full moon. They call it excited. Delirium in fact, over the past decade, the excited delirium syndrome has raised continued controversy regarding the cause and manner of death of some highly agitated persons while they were held in police custody restrained or incapacitated by electrical devices, and usually the autopsies medical examiners have difficulty in identifying and anatomic cause of death. But frequently cites psychostimulants intoxication is a contributing factor. In fact, I have a phone call. Now, this is now this is something. Now, let me remind you this type of agitated delirium if you remember there was a naked man who was eating the face of another naked man on a Miami highway. Remember that that was said to be agitated delirium issue. Well, maybe he was on bath salts. Well, they did an autopsy found out. There was only marijuana in his system that of course, there was a porn actor who reportedly killed a man in Canada dismembered. His body. Ate the flesh from his corpse fled candidate was eventually caught in Germany. He was not on any drugs said he was just had some. We're blackout Maryland man, allegedly admitted to eating the heart and brain of his dismembered. Roommate? The media reported that the man was on Flecha, but it was found the man had only a few beers system. So while the precise cause and mechanism of the condition remains controversial, though, likely whys and wherefores of sudden death of excited delirium syndrome victims is seemed to be some biological thing. Here is a phone call. Now, this is what is interesting. This is a phone call. That I got in my library of a woman calling up paramedics, all right, and her son apparently had told her that he was turning into a werewolf. Listen to this call it is it is just it's mind boggling scariest here it is. Nine one one. I don't think I'm level Jefferson. I don't know whether he got. Twenty nine. Very innovative ambulant forty reporting. 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