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By calling 809 four 8 Mike And let's get our first profit check of the hour with rob's fell worth in our WTO traffic center Thanks Shane and no problems on the beltway in Maryland through Montgomery or prince George's county to seri remains clear as you leave Frederick headed through Rockville new problem in Germantown observation drive at ridge road have the first report of a crash you may be under police direction with that particular issue there Things are looking good on I 95 as well as the Baltimore Washington Parkway between the two beltways root 50 remains clear leaving of course the eastern shore through Annapolis and inside the beltway as you head through Chevrolet with no reported issues in Virginia the beltway remains clear between Alexandria and maclean no problems on 66 to speak of eastbound or westbound between Gainesville and roslin sappho are 95 biggest delays leaving lord and head across the aquam down to one 23 after that expect beef delays passing dumfries headed toward triangle After that you are clear toward Fredericksburg north Dan I 95 and I three 95 are good ride as you make your way out of Fredericksburg headed toward the 14th street bridge If you're in the district it did have some brief delays passing on D.C. two 95 southbound past benning road headed toward east capital street but really nothing to write home about may have a new problem being reported to us back on four 14 in Maryland on saint barnum's road near stamp road you may be under police direction for that crash that south and silver hill roads use caution if you're traveling in the area I'm rob stallworth wtp traffic Thanks we'll check in with you in a bit Let's get our weather now from storm team four meteorologists Lauren ricketts Pretty unsettled week ahead and it's gonna be a little cooler than what we experienced over the weekend.

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