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Right now on CBS, there's the Einstein Verizon commercial every time I think I'm out. They're still doing it. And I'm telling you, I bet you NCAA action, you're going to see it a lot. As a matter of fact, as a matter of fact, as he made that drop, it matched directly. The fist pump brilliant moment. That freaked me out. We need a punch up. I can't love that anymore. I know. What's up, what's up? It's something new and fresh for the tornado for the masters. I don't know man. If the number that I heard, they paid Paul Giamatti to dress as Scrooge and Einstein is accurate. They're going to use the hell out of these commercials. It's got to get paid every time. No, no. Those days are over. It's a one shot. It's one shot. One shot. There's no such thing as commercial. My friend bought a Corvette with doing that. One shot. No, it's good to know. I'm a Cheerios commercial. The offensive lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs have shown up to the parade in t-shirts. Oh yeah, these are great. Put them up zero sacks. Wow. I agreed Humphrey well done, sir. I'm telling you. In green too. I can't tell you. It's green. Are they just going to repurpose these for Oregon after? What did I tell you? The stat that told the story for Super Bowl 57 that few people are talking about. They got it. Zero sacks, mahomes sitting duck there, huh? He did move around pretty well. He's coming around. Come around. Come around. Come on. You gamblers are all out of your house. It's all fixed. It's all like, oh, that's what mahomes is. He's such a wake-up call, pal. Thank you. Isaiah Pacheco got off the bus and it's just dancing down the street. Good for him. As he should. He's got the trophy. Good for him. This is great. Everybody forgets. Same round as Brock purdy. He wasn't the last pick in the draft, but Isaiah Pacheco 7th round pick. Let's use him. Let's get him scoring in the Super Bowl. That's it. That's it. Zero sacks. Of Patrick Mahomes. Against the team that had 78 sacks entering the sea entering the Super Bowl on the entire season, they needed 5 sacks to be the all time single season sack leader in the history of the NFL over to pass the 85 bears in the way to passing the 84 bears. That's how good the eagles were and they didn't sack mahomes once in the two sacks that hurts had was when he ran out of bounds behind the line of scrimmage. Nobody was just generally sitting in a pocket and got put down on his ass because these quarterbacks are so damn good. And the lines were good too, man. Some of the best line play you'll see some of the best quarterback play you will see some of the best receiving play you will see what a high level these two teams play that in the highest level sporting event, America puts on its stage and exports. Unbelievable. Zero sacks well done for them. Zero sacks. You got anything else for me over there? Anything else in the chamber? I do real quick. But you know who we should be giving some props to those other people aren't jerick McKinnon, man. When he went, he could have taken that ball into the end zone and think about it. That's what you your whole life. He's in the backyard. He's in the street. I'm scoring a touchdown in the Super Bowl. And yet he remembered this training and he took the ball and he slid down short of the goal line to ensure glory for everybody else. So that's commendable, man, because you could have extra name in the history, which you still did. But, man, that's true. I don't know. I respect that. Two minute drive. If you'd run that in the end zone, it would have reversed the entire advantage they got from the holding penalty. It would have flushed their advantage right down the toilet. And again, when we get a member of the chief's honor, one of my coaches staff on how did that get communicated? And you had to basically say, we're not scoring, staying balanced, don't score. Get down. Well, what I read is the chiefs they call that church mode. So they're trained on that. They know in that situation when the clocks running down to get down. So he just remembered what they practiced and he did it, but still that had to be so hard, rich. So the you're right there. So the order of events, corn dog, church mode. That's a good corn dog. Let's go corn dog ish on the other side. Church mom. None of it would have happened if it wasn't my idea in the script session to get that defensive flag thrown for all the good point. You're welcome. Sorry, Philly. My idea was also my idea to get Nate Peterman in on week 15, Peter mayor. I don't want to brag about where my fingerprints were, but the whole idea was just like, you know what? You don't want to sound like a bracket. You want to take too much credit. Let's get you Kobe Myers throwing that thing back and get it intercepted by a member of the Chandler. The Raiders. It's got to be Chandler Jones because the other guy's name is Mac Jones. That was my little twist. You know, I only know one speed. So they all know. They send a script to you, the punch it up is what you're saying. Well, it's sometimes it's my ideas. It's a collaborative effort. I don't want to get too deep in the weeds. It makes sense. We're out of time. Lauren sapp in studio, Ken Marino and studio. You watching on the Roku channel and listening. See a Thursday.

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