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Facebook INSTAGRAM AT CHECKOUT THE HASHTAG! This is your time for more information about T so. Before we talk about Kobe because? He's actually He's the appropriate lens on a lot of different levels to look into this story through neither you nor the athletic. This is a very important question i. just need to know I clarity on this. Neither of your stories has any quotes from Rasheed Wallace. What would you just not want mean? Rashid has a a bad fourth quarter. You Mrs like a million shots She was however an absolute destroyer that entire series just just eviscerated the Lakers. They had no answer for him. It's one of it I love Rasheed Wallace then I love this game I. Love Watching that series to. He does not want to revisit the game. Rasheed was an amazing amazing player, and it's unfortunate that his career stats will never attest to that and that. That that I? Think he kind of gets forgotten. Sometimes, Rasheed was incredible, and they had no answer for him so I figured that the the guys who are going to be hardest to get I didn't I wasn't gonNA. Even try so bonus because I know that he does very very little. I wasn't sure that there was much chance of him. My goal was to get at least five players from each team. And then as long as I got the right five or the good talkers, the guys who? Had the best perspective I'd be being good shape and in anything past that I'd have too much anyway. When I spoke to Bonnie Bonnie machines started a podcast of their own together within the last few months. and. It's a lot of fun and they do a great job and. I watched them. Talk about this game on on the Youtube version of their podcast. And when I got bonds the. We chatted and he said I really. Let's talk to sheet I. Know He's not great with the media I know. He's never really liked this much. I know that you know throughout his career, but you know. He did an interview with some local paper because these coaching in Highschool Down I. Think North Carolina. And so I thought. Maybe there's a shot and body says I'll ask him for you. Bonzi went to him a couple of different times, and I would check back with Bonzi occasionally, and the answer just kept coming back as I, guess no, thank you. I gotTA listen to that podcast because I'm dying to hear sheets thoughts on the game because he was. She was ahead of his time as a player. And and the Lakers just had no answer from him other than just hope he misses these fifteen footers over Robert Ory in the post, or whoever is guarding him in the Green Yeah. just know the guy was a monster does hit big three after the Shack Koby lobbed to pull shortland back within three and give them a chance to win the game in the last thirty seconds. We can talk about what happens after that Let's talk about. Kobe in the lead-up, so here's the lead up to this game. Here's the circumstances of this game. This is Phil's first year. As coach of the Lakers, the previous two seasons have ended with the Lakers. The shackle be Lakers getting swept out of the playoffs ninety eight. It's the jazz ninety nine. It's the Spurs, and the Spurs series is a humiliation I remember it at the time being a humiliation I remember watching it with my college buddies, and listening to all the commentary on ESPN, TNT about it, and it was reported and perceived as a humiliation for shack and Kobe as the more polished defense, first team playoff, ready team, tougher team, embarrassing premadonna Lakers. Lakers not ready for the moment. No Chemistry Blah Blah Blah. You go back and read the clips of that game. It's the last game in the forum. The Spurs closed down the forum. You go back I. Read reread some of the Clips Mario Elie. WHO's on that's team is talking so much about closing down the forum and embarrassing the Lakers now he wants to go steal a piece of the court with the letter L on it. Because the probably cause. They just hung some ells on the Lakers. According to the San Antonio Express Account express-news account of the game. Kobe was booed during the starting lineup introductions in Los Angeles in game four, and the crowd during the game was chanting for Eddie Jones. who had been traded to make way for Kobe? This is so like this is. This is what the Lakers are perceived as when they meet the Blazers in the Western Conference finals, and what's at stake for them? If they lose that series, now shack inches in your story about all. I would have been traded if we lost everyone. WHO's that? Says No way and and said we would. We would probably traded everybody but Shack Colby and rearrange the roster, but. The Lakers. I mean everyone knew they were going to be awesome. You don't get shacking Kobe on your team. Coby was just twenty one years old. He was just becoming what he was going to be. In a lot of ways, this playoffs was his breakout as a true trueblue NBA postseason superstar, but the Lakers were perceived as unready particularly in comparison to the Spurs, as not a playoff, tough team, and and this was a game where they had to wipe that perception of women. You live that people like the Lakers were humiliated by the spurs the year before. Humiliated by the spurs swept by them, as you mentioned, swept the year before that by Utah and of course shacks, Orlando career ends with him being swept in the finals and so this running theme of Shaquille O'Neal can't win. The Big One Shaquille O'Neal keeps getting swept. Not just losing. Beginning swept that hung over him hard. He went off on this tangent that I did not include in the story about how he knew if I don't do this. You guys are going to tackle this stuff. You Guys GonNa Rattle this stuff, and that really motivated me because I knew I can't let this happen again. That that weight on him a lot. Because all right Kobe was only twenty one, but shack was like whatever twenty six at that point. And had already been the league..

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