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It's sixty degrees with overcast skies at Chicago's O'Hare airport day, four of testimony in Peoria, prosecutors continue making their case against Brent christianson, the man accused of luring Chinese scholar and university of Illinois student unions, hang into his car in two thousand seventeen before killing her WGN's Ryan burrow has the story. Prosecutors initially said they need weeks to make their presentation. But with Christian sins attorney announcing his client did commit the crime. Prosecutors say they could wrap things up later this week defense attorneys will spend their time trying to spare christianson of the death penalty. They opened Monday's proceedings cross. Examining an FBI agent days after the court heard recordings from christianson bragging about ganging Jones death, her body still has not been recovered. Ryan burrow, WGN news. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is on. The defensive when it comes to his Medicare for all proposals paying twice as much as any other country on earth for the prescription drugs that we need. We spend more per capita on health care as the people of any other country. He said Medicare is far more popular than private insurance. He went on to say that people don't like insurance companies. They like their doctors and their hospitals and his proposal will allow people to continue with them. CEO of Chicago-based, Boeing's defense, space and security division, leeann carrot earlier today acknowledged the families of the victims of two recent crashes involving Boeing seven thirty seven max jets, she offered her thoughts in her prayers, and went on to lay out how the company plans on rebuilding public trust. She forecasted a relatively positive business outlook, our market is two point five trillion dollars over the next ten years. We are looking at a one point two percent, compounded annual growth rate, which is a modest improvement over prior years. She spoke from the Paris air show on Sunday. Boeing CEO. Dennis Muilenburg admitted that the company made mistakes with the roll out of the cockpit morning system on the seven thirty seven max series and a shooting at the federal courthouse in Dallas, Texas ABC reporter down on the scene. We saw swat team coming through as well. I am told that this was an active shooter situation. The federal building downtown, it is being locked down. People have been evacuated and people were asked to move several blocks away from the building in Chicago. Police superintendent, Eddie Johnson remains hospitalized after doctors found a small blood clot in his lung. A CPA spokesman says Johnson was hospitalized on Friday after he took his annual stress test. The clock will be treated with medication and breast and his hospital. Stay comes after Johnson received a kidney transplant from his son in August of two thousand seventeen your money sports, traffic and weather next on WGN a great night's sleep starts with casper. The casper mattress has four layers of pressure relieving foam.

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