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Pen I wrote and I put a type in my phone. You looked at me and you started to say it was right in the zone and I pointed to my notepad. What does it say? That's where Edson should have been, right? It comes, it comes across the top of the area, is in the picture, but kind of loses track of messy for a second, doesn't get anywhere near them. The ball comes across and right in that zone, that space right in front of the Mexican back line, Messi has time to touch, control, set up on that godly left foot and bury it past memoir. And it wasn't even a worldly of a shot. Honestly, if somebody steps up on time, I don't think he has. Are you putting it on memo? No, I don't think it's on memo. You can have a player who's that good in front of you 20 yards out and to pick a corner. But if somebody is pushing up there, he doesn't have that shot. He doesn't have that very net option of driving it. He's got to disguise this somehow. He's got to change the hips, he's got to go in step, he's got to go high. He can't drive it the way he drove it. That's the specialty of being in that spot and breaking that type of opportunity of Edson out of it. You're only informed player. And that's just right now of the last 18 months, two years. He's the only informed player you've had. At a high level, the only class a player. Chelsea wanted number 50 million. Who else does the Mexican national team have? Is there even a defense for Tata martino if he says, well, look, until Messi does that thing, my game plan worked, right? Is there a defense there for him at all? What's the game plan to go zero zero? Yes, that was clearly the game plan, I think, right? I mean, when you start with 5 at the back, and you've never really done that before. For 45 minutes. And the one player we all had questions about his fitness, his ability to physically play with that midfield. His body gave up on him and there's one other company in the 41st. And then guti comes on who you've been yelling at the high heavens. You get an opportunity. And he's at fault for the second goal. And look, I'm not gonna fault them really, 'cause it's very difficult to come into a game. Yes, and that one is a worldly, but he was stone feet, he was put in a bad position right there. It's not his specialty. And then Fernández and so Fernández picked his corner and it was a beautiful goal. So I think if I thought that the ways in which Mexico would concede in this World Cup, I thought. Set pieces, even if it's from the run a play across this coming in, memo not coming out. I really wouldn't have thought that memo would get beaten on two shots. Now I know the end zone one. We see it from an angle. It's a curler. It looks beautiful. The messy one is from outside the area.

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