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KYW's Ed Benkin has more on the birds from south Philadelphia Jenkins made it clear on Tuesday is looking for a change in his contract status but head coach Doug Peterson does not believe Jenkins situation will affect his team during the offseason workouts, and no issues with Malcolm from the standpoint of being a leader on this football team and being here in, in its it shows by his being here this this week, meanwhile, wide receiver Nelson Igor continues to sit out of minicamp with what Peterson is calling lower body injury. And Peterson says the team is simply being cautious at this stage of the off-season with the eagles. I'm ed. Bankin. KYW NewsRadio LA's wrap up their series with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Tonight at citizens Bank park fills lost the opener of this three game settled. Monday, thirteen to eight but bounce back last night, the pickup a seven four win. Zach eflin will be on the mount tonight for the Phillies, the right hander six and five two point eight eighty RA Arezzo counters with rookie right hander Merrill, Kelly six and six four point one two earned run average bellies lineup posted for the first time this season it does not feature Bryce Harper. He is getting the night off. Cesar Hernandez leads off at second base than its gene, cigarette shortstop Jay Bruce in left field. Res Hoskins at first base JT real Muto behind the plate bats fit followed by Scott Kingery, centerfield, Nick Williams, the right fielder. Tonight at seven by Cal Franco at third eflin bats ninth Billy's, Diamondbacks, get underway at seven oh five and in soccer Philadelphia union open play in the US open Cup tonight, visiting DC United Michelle. Three. Oh, nine.

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