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It. Exit Northbound fifteen at Twelfth Street turned around and jumped right back on the freeway. It did the same thing at the next next exit to the North Pioneer road. I showed this to Greg Rogers the former FBI undercover agent. That this looks like cleaning to me cleaning cleaning Josh. Making sure he was not being followed. The third and most important stop came at twenty seven hundred north in the community of far are west. The minivan left the freeway and drove directly to the backside of a Burger restaurant. It pulled up to a dumpster next. The minivan moved east. It drove into the lot of a plumbing supply store and once again stopped at a dumpster. Remember this is a full take months into the search for Susan Classic Paranoia even though this is later. They're still searching his vehicle and he is thinking all day every day about what. What could they find in my house or am I any of my cars anywhere else that they could put on me? So that's what he's doing. He's just coming up with breath stuff. He hadn't thought of earlier. Police had served three search warrants at Josh Susan's House. They had searched his van repeatedly and Josh made multiple suspicious trips to dumpsters. What could he have possibly still had to dispose of at that point at this stage of the game? He's already gotten rid of anything he thinks it's got DNA honor that's linking him to the homicide but that doesn't mean he doesn't have other stuff that he doesn't want that law enforcement ever fine and as we know from his father's behavior in his hiding an S. D. Card in your house. Finding that on a search torrent. That's tough you don't have to be very bright to hide that words not going to be located by law enforcement. He could have had stuff like that from who knows what wait His his his father's predilections with cameras or well known it could've been something that simple which is very easy to hide much more difficult to locate in West Valley. Police did catch. A whiff of what Josh was up to or at least a small piece of it case records show that the next morning detective. Detective David Greco logged in to check the tracking data. He noticed the midnight stop at the recycling drop off near the county landfill. Police rushed out to inspect the site. They peered into each of the dumpsters one for cardboard one for plastic one for glass but but no evidence unfortunately the case records suggest they missed catching the stops at the dumpsters farther north out of town in the Weaver Valley looking at the data now ten years after Susan's disappearance it seems critical oversight when when I notified West Valley Police of these findings. Police spokeswoman Roxanne Vaenuhu told me by email quote the hindsight of a reporter in two thousand nineteen and does not always equate to mistakes made by investigators a decade ago. I'll be the first to admit it's a lot easier to see this stuff in hindsight hindsight once you know what you're looking for. Detectives at the time had a lot on their plates. They were already out. Searching minds interviewing and reinterviewing friends and neighbors serving subpoenas and poring over records I asked Greg if GPS tracking might sometimes hindes lead overworked investigators to feel they have a safety net. That's one way to look it's incorrect. Greg explained it's not enough in criminal cases to just show uh-huh where a person went. It has to be backed up with other evidence. Like photos is on surveillance. A wiretap or a dumpster dive to recover discarded evidence but think about all of the dumpsters described in this episode. There's a pattern of behavior. There certainly prosecutors could have used that against Josh in a criminal trial right they bring it up but you know the defense attorney would say good Defense Council Council. Get up on cross examination right after the some COP said he went to this. Dumpster went to that dumpster. I wouldn't WanNa be that police officer because the question you're going to get on crosses will. Did you check what he put the dumpster. Did you actually see him. Put anything in the dumpster. Can you say for sure that he even did. Put anything in the dumpster. The answer to all those questions is no new. Prosecutor may not bring it up for that reason because they know you're going to get pounded for not checking those dumpsters. That's A. That's a huge misstep..

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