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Even with everything that has occurred over the past year of the most sordid and grotesque nature, he has refused and the repeat demands from the media to return that Medal of Freedom. So the whole thing was contorted and dark to the World Cup jump cup from G 20, opening ceremony. Jodie infantino Tommy sitting between the emir of Qatar and you know who's sat on his left hand side. Mohammed bin Salman, The Crown prince of Saudi Arabia. What a good time. Well, at the odds. Yeah, the other very low. I'm not so good at lip reading, but I'm pretty sure infantino had MBS turned to him at one point and say, oh my God, this is Morgan Freeman's worst performance since Evan almighty. But when you see that image, what do you see? I mean, I see two brutal corrupt autocrats making an infantino sandwich. And it's worth pointing out that we can dig into this more later, but the qataris and the Saudis have not gotten along historically. We talked about this in an earlier episode, but the Qatari the Saudi government actually led essentially a diplomatic boycott of Qatar for several years that only ended up 21. They literally remember Qatar is a tiny little Peninsula the size of Connecticut that hangs off of Saudi Arabia. The Saudis closed the only land border into the place, right? So it was that level of it was that level of aggression. And then all of a sudden they're thick as thieves surrounding, making an infantino sandwich. It was a very, very strange thing. I think a lot of people's eyebrows perked up in sort of the foreign policy nerd world. And let me tell you, they got some eyebrows. You just said this word, we have to go back to the infantino sandwich, but then Johnny on the opening day of the World Cup. I mean, we thought that was the worst team there between those two, but see the to give a 57 minute speech. I'm so excited to speak to you as someone that used to work in political comms. I can only describe this as a layman who knows nothing about how the world works as a violent explosion of verbal diarrhea. Today I feel Qatari. Today I feel Arab, today I feel African. Today I feel gay. Today I feel disabled. Today I feel a migrant worker told me you understand speech writing for global leaders. His speech today I feel Qatari. Today I feel Arab. Today I feel African. Today I feel gay. Today I feel disabled. Today I feel a migrant worker. I mean, all said, by the way, in front of a stunned audience of jealous, a masterclass of whataboutism, a black belt in what about ism, unhinged to me, the average layman, but Tommy, you understand what was really going on. Tell us, what was this? Raj, it reminded me of the scene in the film Billy Madison, where he says, at no point in this incoherent rambling speech was Gianni close to anything resembling a rational thought, and we are all dumber for having listened to it. I mean, as you said, today I feel Qatari. I feel Arab, I feel African. I feel good. You're none of those things, buddy. You have no idea how those people feel. My takeaway from this whole thing, Raj, and this is the only way I could make sense of this 57 minute rant, which credits to everyone in the media, by the way, for calling it what it was. The reaction was universal and brutal. My takeaway from that speech was Gianni infantino's goal is to show to his trillionaire gulf Arab sponsors. He'll go to the mattresses and he will stay there and he will battle for them. That's the only rational explanation I can think of. Yeah, and there's one detail in the building medicine thing I love because it's taking me to a happy place. But to get back to the darkest of human places, let's get back to let's get back to staring into the abyss together Thomas. There was a rationale here. This was not, this was not an insane rambly, it's been written about as if it was that weird moment when a global leader who sat with G 20 global leaders treasure reveal an empathetic side from his formative victimhood as a pre ball Ginger with freckles and tried to parallel up to the suffering of workers who told to the point of death in a 120° heat to build his tournament for World Cup readiness. And the reality is there is a rationale here and that rationale is a number and it's $7.5 billion. That's the number. That's a number that FIFA are projecting to glean to harvest of this event. So when you saw that, was any part of you like this is a gentleman who is, I love you think we're going to go the mattresses. We're going to match this. We're going to stand up. We're going to draw fire from our House guitar who's freaking out a little bit. With the scrutiny with the criticism, were the incoherent, and people were comparing this to the fyre festival to ja rule would organize a better world. That probably Joe rule stuff hurts. I mean, the other stuff. Sticks and stones will bring my bones, but ja rule would really hurt me. And you're making $7.5 billion. Was he just speaking to an audience of one there essentially the emir of Qatar? I think he was and also I think to Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman and we can dig into that more later. But I also I saw a man rod who has who thinks he is unstoppable. I'm the state international immediately criticized infantino dismissing human rights criticisms, treat demands for equality as part of a culture war, which is really his effort. And I watched it, and I was like, this is, it's funny to watch him. It's deeply sad to watch him. Ultimately, right now this speech reminded us FIFA's there to serve the needs of Qatar to make money for itself, lots of money for its leaders. What are you going to do? Johnny and patinas, he's rolling with impunity here. He's going to, he's going to hire Jared Fogle to sell the Johnny sandwich next. So okay, armbands, Raj. He's the subway guy. He's nice. That's so funny. You mentioned that. Because in my head, when we were doing that segment, I kept thinking of Jared Fogle, but even I managed to suck the German fogel comment back in. You went there? Hey, listen, I live there. Is it time for us to pivot into armband? Yeah, I do think, look, there's no world corrupt episode that's complete without an armband discussion of sartorial section. By the way, it was a name that when we were trying to work out what to call it. I originally wanted to call the podcast pod save football, which is actually true. Ultimately, this is what we're discussing, please save the soul of the game. Tommy wanted to call it today and armband. Armbands today is actually what I want to go. So I think as we discussed in a previous episode, Raj, 8 European national teams had planned on having their captains wear these one love arm bands during the matches. They had rainbows on them, they were symbolizing diversity and inclusion. It was kind of like a catch all feel good protest message. At least that was the plan until FIFA got involved. And they threatened the teams with an immediate yellow card if these players wore these armbands.

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