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And everything entertainment update heard at the top of every hour on my talk one of seven one so what is new in your world well it seems that former bachelorette star Tyler Cameron may have broke the news that he is now single making that claim on watch what happens live now Tyler Cameron had been dating Gigi Hadid all this past summer but Tyler camera now shares a Hugh is open to dating a regular girl I think he said he was the bartender said I might be single yeah which she dumped him too they went out for two months yeah yeah there you go I like that story. and Wendy Williams still is paying for X. Kevin hunter I don't think their divorce is finalized but Wendy Williams and her husband Kevin hunter of come to an interim financial agreement as part of their divorce proceedings as according to page six they're reporting that Wendy Williams must pay Kevin hunter two hundred fifty thousand dollars so he can quote secure new living arrangements and hunter also needs to vacate their marital home in Livingston New Jersey which was put up for sale over the summer well that makes sense she made the money yeah he was the manager but I think she's selling stories on her the Daily Mail I. well there are lots of exclusivo exclusive stories over at the Daily Mail concerning the Wendy Williams show that's right and he was the end. sold longer doesn't have any money he's selling stories to the mail. and some more details about that new Dan and Shay collaboration with Justin Bieber that Justin Bieber teased on social media yesterday the song is called ten thousand hours and it will be released Friday and it was written by a slew guys including Dan and Jay and Justin Bieber and by the way conveniently Dan and Shay share manager scooter Braun and they just a better reading too yes they are all at Justin Bieber's wedding all right well that's all there.

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