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Now back to, Hollywood three sixty with Carl. Amari now back to call the police And I went up the stairs the second floor, to Gomez room was half. Open I gave it a shot And there was Linda Lee On the, floor to bullets in that Cops should. Be used to say it's like that but I guess I'm not They have to. Leave the body lying, here like this grant that'll be tended to by style how could little duties but you believe she did what. Choice have I got even. The first time I asked not to. See Gomez he was. Like a tiger she was really in love with him he was. Infatuated with he went for him because he was. Slickened duck honeymoon's over now Gomez is dead and your wife is up for murder You could say they both got what is dead Good you're a stickler for Justice Somebody's coming You you're supposed to be Command MRs. Bar sto what's happening here we've. Just been talking about What are you doing here take. A look on the floor When the league your friend Gomez girl who killed her new me because. She was Gomez. Girlfriend because you were jealous? Our same way you killed Gomez Now that's a lie what are. You doing here In the league found me this. Afternoon in me to. Be here at six Commissioner She said something about holding an auction altered towns page but it's true, I went by Commissioner told us the whole story just. Before I came over here you're gonna tell the police anything remotely We. Don't speak for yourself bar sto what, I believe her, I got the. Same phone call from his lead she was going to try to sell the name, of Gomez murderer Gomez murderer interesting embarrassed Which reminds me I've got to call. Headquarters headquarters yes I have to tell them where. They can find Linda Lee body what I know it comes, as a, shock. To. You But nobody had any idea where Linda's body wasn't till you told me a. Few minutes ago at your hotel are you're talking about you said you pick the Atlantic club because it would be impossible to get from there to. Gomez, place in ten minutes you say you. Slept when you mentioned Gomez place because you were the, only person in the world who, knew Linda had been shot in this, room now, wait a minute was a simple mistake you assure somebody heard those, shots when you kill Linda and you took it. For, granted they'd send for the police long ago but unfortunately Barstow nobody. Did hear those shots and therefore nobody called the police Down that foam wait a minute now barstool would it down I don't like to lose Commissioner I killed Gomez because he. Was taking my wife away from. Me and in. My book got that right As a man also. The right to shoot Linda Lee what was she taking away from you Linda Lee, was here tonight I shut Gomez from the. Pirates gape she saw me going. To help me throw the blame on pendant for a price and then she made the. Price too high I. Guess I wouldn't pay and she was going to settle me out to the highest, bidder so you shattered you can see yourself Give me back what is on your head you are my wife live. And you were, running around with Gomez. You're not the first man who ever got their run around bar sto right in Jubail out I told you I don't like. To, I'm not going to let you to, keep me from winning either gonna take. More than another, murder to keep you from losing now nobody else has anything on me Commissioner except you two. Without drawing any, stories you're I know Yeah Remember nobody heard the shot the last. Time I don't think they'll hit. A Take. A last look around Commissioner because This is it Commissioner Maja. Commissioner I'm okay I gave MRs pasta with trail at the headquarters and it looks like a good. Thing I did I always bet your beautiful Mijo, but believe me you'll never looked lovelier I love you But somebody coming over. To our table. Oh MRs bars I realized that I'm. Partly to blame everything that's happened. But I. Didn't wanna thank you for all. You did forget it being, a policeman is my business they have. A Commissioner. Victim Tending to be shielding me with that yacht alibi did, he was pretty transparent..

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