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But that is the one thing I will say is, I do think this episode. Is a manipulation by one of the primary care. So do you think the person that is manipulating this and turning it, you know, making their reality What it was? Yes. On this other moon? Yes, Um, lament is one Is it somebody that we've already seen in the season or something That's coming is I think that's what I'm thinking. And that because it could be those all three of those things that could be either of the primary characters. Yeah. Or it could be one that's coming. Because there's only a couple of weeks for them to get out of the spot that they're in. I'm thinking that it's one of the primary characters in this episode. Is manipulating the scenario. I'm voting that one. Okay? I'm voting that, okay. Is that too much information to spoil it for you? Okay? I want to know because they're you know, I mean, there's some main characters. I just I got to get Mobius back. Owen Wilson? Yes, but that's one of the things that we learned about, though, is like we learned a lot about all of the T V. A. And the agents a house. A lot of that came out in this episode, which you know were you know, we kind of We hinted. Maybe that the you know that the time authority maybe they're the background. The Loki villains, you know, maybe they clearly not. You know, the altruistic things that they're trying to make themselves seem right because they're supposed to be these big lizard Three big lizard God that had back that brought peace to the time streams. Yeah, so If the whole concept of it if you don't know the show or haven't watched it not to leave people out. Correct is that Loki is the guy to miss you. Correct? He is the brother of Thor. Correct. He is been thrust into this universe that he didn't know existed, which is the time Variant authority and the timely like it's the timekeepers. So it's kind of like doctor who you know, and that there are time Lords. Yes, And so these time lords, there was a lot of stuff going on in the universe where there was different time streams that were battling for dominance. These timekeepers, these three lizards, as Don said, he said, that's no more battling. We're going to pick one, and this is the dominant one. And then he pushed all the other ones away. And then in this in this series, it's them having basically their version of the CIA slash FBI that go around and police everything. That's not this primary timeline and they cut everything. A timeline of the world. They come in a rich come and they get you and then you're probably not going to live exactly because they decide you need to be approved. So that's where we Pick up with local Loki does something to the time. Exactly. That comes out in one of the movies, and now we have this series. If anybody goes, Wait, I saw that movie and he's not supposed to still be here. They reset all that. And this is how we get the series. Yes, and that I You know, I like when they and and I give the marvel folks so much credit because they were like, Hey, We have this worked out and we're going. No, you don't. Not for 25 years you've got and then you go. I guess they really did think about because when they said they were going to have a low key series were like, but wait, how and maybe it's going to be a precursor. They're like no It's actually current. Because of this weird reason. Yes, I love that because I'm not really into prequels because I already know what's going to happen. So I'm just not excited about seeing those right. So are you. I am I'm excited because I I really liked the trailer for the Shanxi that's coming out. I liked the trailer for that. And so I'm I'm okay with the fact that we only have three more episodes of low key, which is already been greenlit for a second season. I believe, right. Oh, yeah, That's one of those things that made me go. It's changed some of my theories as well. Because I'm going well, how can they have another season? Unless some of these other things open up, so I'm curious to see how that goes. I am too. And I did You watch Falcon in the winter soldier. Yes, And I re watched it on Juneteenth because I felt like Oh, I wanted to watch the speech again because I mean of these story lines that they have. That does have the most prevalent, Uh, Black American story because we get to see what Falcon is going through and I link that's a lot of that story is Is and I, You know, I was talking about this with a friend. And this is actually if you listen to our podcast, the episode that we're going to drop this week is actually with them, Uh, writer Arvin, Ethan David. He he wrote a whole bunch of things. He has a graphic novel that's coming out. But he did, like Dirk gently Stylistic Detective agency and a lot of Douglas Adams work. And so he's a big fan of these things. And so he actually said that he wishes they had gone. I was just glad they had the conversation, um in and just had the character talk about being you know, a black American. That then would be Captain America similar to what I like to happen in this most recent episode of Loki, where they talk about him being gender fluid and those things where they don't necessarily make it something with an exclamation point. They just make it a point of the character exactly so that I like I do, too. So what remind people how they can find.

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