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Basketball podcast. Greatest, podcast NBA The he went insects accessory predicted by the way and. He Lakers what do you think? I think that first off poaching in the NBA. Horrible. I think that SPOELSTRA has out coach everybody grand circles around him. I think Doc rivers got what Doc rivers should have got about ten years ago. Right? You're not a doc rivers fan I lost. I he's fine. He's a nice guy. I guess I don't know. But as a coach, I've watched him and I'm just down NBA coaching I just think spoelstra outmaneuver everybody I have a hard time believing set Greenberg anybody's going to beat the heat. Our excuse me I'm sorry we're going to beat the Lakers on the branch to me. I've said this before in your little bit older than me. So maybe you saw Oscar maybe you saw well I did not. But I I've said always cream diligent Jabbar Michael, Jordan to best I've ever seen but I tell you man Lebron's moving in there for me says my God what this guy's I know the NBA. Is a much easier game now I do you know I always said this about steph curry he's great but him going to the basket and sashaying like he does and then talking smack. I would have liked to seen him do that in the eighties and nineties where you Almost died from elbow from Carl Malone, you'd have make some business decisions. So get all that. But in my opinion I'm GonNa take the Lakers but my God, the heat passing everybody in terms of scheme cutting moving screeners getting shots. And Doug Robinson was my son Andrews Roommate, their best friends Swat root for him but I can't see the Lakers losing our screw. I think coaching I think good coaches in the NBA, are really good and I like I like I kind of disagree I think that the big part coaching obviously dealing with Egos and the chemistry team. That's most times put together by someone else besides the coach i. Let me answer that the real quick what team has good chemistry sides he. I think the Lakers went with the teams have good chemistry where the roles are defined and the person that put together a team. Coaching. Clinics. It's easier at's to say that. Chemistry. Too Easy to say that there's no coaching the NBA. Head coach. They don't adjust Utah Zone Adam and it's like, did you see the cell a best coaching? College basketball few years ago was Brad Stevens. Juicy, the Celtics disintegrate, and then Kyrie's fault now. Again I think that they don't see a lot of that that they had some success against his own, and then what happens I thought Spoelstra made a great move going man and then go back to the zone because you know what it's like anything else later game later, a heavier legs more pressure the the shots that they made early in the movement step ahead early let the heat zone who so much more active in fourth quarter wasn't first-quarter. Close not even close how act they screamed at the top. So didn't have that to on the ball. They bumped back quicker or they stayed abuser shooter. I think that you under appreciate the coaching in the NBA and the preparations the changes in I. Stopped the Mohican Sun Coach's clinic. Now. It's easy you. Need the cut eatable bomb maybe that's it right there. That's that's. Control, your controllables. Okay. Great and all the little coaches download just. About Actual in game coach. Is Horrendous. There is literally I watched a guy. I had a conversation with nate McMillan I said nate talking about switching on different? No, we don't switch on the okay. Well, you're an idiot the bull switched on defense with Michael Jordan. So nate McMillan needs to go. I think it's horrendous and I didn't think it was these guys have ninety, seven, thousand people on their payrolls they have analytics all this crap and I gotTa. Tell you I think it's I think it's clogged the brain of smart coaches I'm telling you it's awful it. Kid I know how we think we can agree to disagree because. I watch NBA I see guys do really really good jobs and you know what? Question of jobs open, who would you hire? If I were going to hire a guy in the NBA I would hire somebody that can think for themselves. I would hire somebody. That is a little bit innovative and I'm GonNa tell you. I got absolutely no idea who the hell that would be. If,.

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