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We get a lot of respect from the governor from the Lieutenant governor and I praise God, I hope that Mr Fallon Is one of these individuals who doesn't look with stain and discussed upon thee. On the conservative movement here in Texas, as did his predecessor's Joe Strauss and Dennis Bonnet. And on and I hope he will accept our invitation to come here and talk about serious issues from a conservative perspective confronting the state of Texas. The invitations have gone out. We have not received the courtesy of an acknowledgement yet, but we're hoping to get one either. A yes or a no on this. Soon as we D'oh. We will, of course. Let you folks know. Our next step is to to talk to some of the Republicans who voted for The new speaker and ask them if if perhaps they might have better luck and passing on our offer. And our invitation to come sit down and talk about issues facing the great state of Texas in case they don't check their mail often. Maybe there's there's a lot to do. There's a lot of Hectic. Preparation for session that goes on and I Fully concede and understand that So it is just our hope that Mr Fallon gets our request. Dade Failan. And you know what will have to address this. This kerfuffle between the Republican Party chairman. And the incoming speaker and and asked him how how we would need to heal those wounds. That will be as a matter of fact, Mr Failing. It's not an ambush interview, and I'll give you one of the questions right now. How can there's been a lot of damage that's been done between the conservative movement. Hand. The Republican Party's speaker. Courtesy of Joe Strauss and courtesy of Dennis Ponant. Do you have a plan to heal that? And I think just talking with us goes in off a long way toward at least let me in or letting us know where. What your what Your thoughts are How you approach government. What? You're what you're Outlook on government is I I just hope that Mr Fallon has a different outlook on the speakership. Then did Strauss and bonding which was kind of saying that to the to the conservative movement, Screw you. I'm going to do whatever the hell I want and ah, you know, and you'll like it that was the Strauss and bond and approach. And I'm hoping I have a lot of hope. Since Texas just successfully beat back this left wing assault on our state lot of foreign money. Coming in from California. A lot of foreign money coming in from New York a lot of foreign money coming in from Illinois and Texas, too. Destroy. That the Texas miracle and number one I'd like to ask Mr failing if he's committed to preserving that miracle. And then If he knows and recognizes the amount of damage done. To the grassroots here in the state of Texas by Joe Strauss and by the respondent the lack of trust. The arrogance and let them keep eat cake attitude. As I said, I am just as I said, when Dennis Bond and came in We were hopeful that it was going to be a new day in the speaker's office. In Austin, and again I am I am Justice hopeful and I'm Willing to turn over the platform of this program. To Mr failing to let him make his case. And I'll give this pledge right now. Where our interests align the conservative movement and Mr Failings, he'll have our unyielding support. Out to Allen, Texas, we go, Travis. Welcome to Krystal's Saito show, sir. Welcome to the program on this Veterans Day. Hey, Chris. I do And I'm a first time caller, So I just want to say I'm the veteran. My dad was a veteran, My sons of veterans. I used to guard these Western border and Czech border while I was in the army. So I understand and I could see what communism socialism does. I have two story though 1968 or so my dad just got back Vietnam and I was looking through the old encyclopedias, you know, motels or any more flags..

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